Amexus is organising a conference on digitisation in the energy sector, and more specifically in the energy transition. Earlier this week I was interviewed at home about the role of open data in energy transition and my work with Dutch provinces on this topic.

The video, in German, has already been made available.

Today my old friend Max interviewed me in our garden. We discussed the role of digitisation in general, and of open data in particular, for the energy transition. This in preparation for the conference I will be speaking at in Germany next month. It was a good rehearsal as well, as I will be speaking in German, and I need to work on my German language jargon 🙂

Heute hat mein alter Freund Max in unserem Garten ein Video-Interview mit mir gemacht. Im September werde ich auf der von seiner Firma organisierten Konferenz sprechen über Open Data, und wie offene Daten eine Rolle spielen in der Energiewende.

20190806_152457 20190806_151816
Max setting up his equipment, and borrowing some more equipment from Elmine, my in house video professional

Yesterday I visited CODAM, a new Amsterdam coding college. It’s part of the 42 network, which originated in France, and offers a free 4 year curriculum to learn how to code (one or more of unix, graphics, machine learning). The education is free, and aimed at those who didn’t fit or couldn’t afford the regular educational options, dropped out or never had the opportunity to opt-in. The commitment is however large. The first month is a heavy filter, expecting students to keep a steady rhythm, and afterwards a high attendance is expected (some 50 hours per week).

CODAM’s mission of allowing students from all backgrounds to increase their capabilities, using coding skills as a path to agency, has a good overlap with the IndieWeb’s ambition of allowing people to own their own on-line identity, be in control of what they publish and share, and connect and interact outside the silos.

A month ago CODAM’s Lisa Stamm, the community and communications person, offered CODAM as a venue for IndieWebCamp Amsterdam. Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit their location on the old Amsterdam naval yard, near Central Station. CODAM and their location are a good fit with IndieWebCamp’s needs, so the conclusion was easy:

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam will take place at CODAM on September 28th and 29th.

Registration is already open, and free of charge. Both the View Source conference and the Fronteers conference take place in the days after, so if you’re in web dev you could turn it into a full week in Amsterdam.

Some pictures of the CODAM venue, and its surroundings below


20190805_103445 20190805_103758

20190805_095556 20190805_103420

20190805_103358 20190805_103624


Early September the Copenhagen Techfestival will take place for the third time. It brings over 20.000 people together for over 200 events during three days, to together explore, discuss and create the future of technology.

Having had to decline invitations for the first two events, I’m joining the Techfestival 150 during this year’s event. Thank you to the organisers for their tenacity in asking me for the third year in a row. This time I was better prepared, having blocked my calendar as soon as the dates were announced.

The Copenhagen Techfestival 150 is a thinktank of 150 people that convenes during the festival. It created the The Copenhagen Letter in 2017, the Copenhagen Catalog in 2018, and this year the aim is to formulate the Copenhagen Pledge, a set of guidelines for anyone working in or with tech to commit to.

It’s been a good while since I was in Copenhagen last, I had wanted to join the previous Techfestivals already, so I look forward to getting back to CPH and fully submerge myself in the Techfestival (described to me as ‘Reboot at scale’).

Op 28 en 29 september vindt IndieWebCamp Amsterdam plaats. We hebben een locatie, maar die is nog niet helemaal rond. Maar rond genoeg om zeker te weten dat IndieWebCamp plaats gaat vinden!

Na IndieWebCamp Utrecht in mei, is dit de 2e IndieWebCamp in Nederland.
Zet het weekend van 28 en 29 september vast in je agenda, en zorg dat je er bij bent!

Neem het web in eigen hand! Het is de hoogste tijd te zorgen dat het web ons tot dienst is. Door meer van het web in eigen handen te nemen. Het onafhankelijk web (indieweb) is het oorspronkelijke web, waar jij bepaalt wat je deelt, wat zichtbaar is voor anderen, en waar jouw data van jou is omdat het op je eigen site staat.

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam heeft geen publiek, alleen deelnemers. Op de eerste dag kun je sessies voorstellen of aan sessies deelnemen over elk aspect van het onafhankelijk web dat je wilt. Op de tweede dag bouw je aan je eigen deelname of bijdrage aan het open web.

Jij bent iemand die een open web wil, al wel een eigen site heeft of nog niet, misschien ben je ook ontwerper of programmeur, ben je een denker of een doener. Jij bent degene die we zoeken om twee dagen met anderen om het onafhankelijke web te bespreken, te verkennen, en te bouwen.

Meer info over aanmelding volgt eind juli.