Red currants coming along nicely on the roofterrace



A lonely raspberry is changing color, plenty of blueberries in the making


and especially pleased with how many blackberries lie in our future. Or the future of the birds around the house of course. Whoever gets there first 😉


We took an afternoon walk in the Den Treek nature reserve, just south of Amersfoort. Not many people around, very pleasant. Bought some honey from the local beekeeper’s honour system sales box along the path.

Walking in Den Treek preserve / Leusden

Wednesday we went to a nearby store to look at some garden furniture. Now that it is likely we will spend most of the summer at home, and for certain will not be camping somewhere else in Europe, we wanted to have comfortable seating on our waterside terrace.

The store is on the edge of our neighbourhood looking out over the highway. We spotted something that has been very rare the past 10 weeks: a traffic jam!


A week before the lock down we gathered with Elmine’s family to celebrate both her parents’ birthdays. We met in Baarn, visiting the 18th century Groeneveld estate. Part of their collection was one of the three xylotheques in the Netherlands, all three made in the late 18th century. I never saw one of these fascinating things before: a series of ‘books’ about trees, where each book is made from the wood and bark of that tree, and contains a description of it, as well as dried leaves, flowers and fruits.




At the end of the afternoon yesterday I took a walk around the neighbourhood to clear my head after an intensive day. I walked through a part where they are still building, with some houses already occupied. I love how our entire part of town is so water rich, and the sight lines they have created by adding those waterways.


Last Saturday, as part of my birthday celebrations I was taken on a local app-mediated goose chase by my dear friend K (we go back 30 years to university). While doing assignments like ‘draw the proof of your favourite mathematical theorem on the street with chalk’ (which I turned into draw the one I sort-of remember and call it my favourite), we walked around town, eyes open to the things we saw around us, and talking about the then, here and now of our lives.


20200516_164924(local born) Mondriaan themed mannequin and cat on a suburban street