Enjoyed a beautiful day Utrecht yesterday with the 3 of us. Having coffee and late lunch outside, walking the streets of Utrecht, was fun to do after so long not doing such outings together.


The complex of the old Brewery ‘De Boog’ (16th to 19th century, now used as residences) on the Oudegracht canal in Utrecht, seen from the Vollersbrug. Image Ton Zijlstra, license CC-BY-NC-SA


My current morning routine, due to great weather: after I’ve dropped of Y at school, I sit at the water’s edge for a while, reading. Until the sunlight gets too intensive. It’s also where I sit in the early evening this week, when the sun is at the other side of the house.

Sitting at the water’s edge, with coots and swans passing by, and the wind moving the reeds at the other side, it feels like being away, as if sailing in Fryslân.

The past week this family of swans with five young pays us a daily visit at our water side terrace. The parent swans aren’t entirely comfortable with me sitting right at the water’s edge (behind a fence), and hiss some warnings at me. The water plants are however too enticing to ignore.

(photos by Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY-NC-SA)

An entire ‘accidental garden’ has sprung up underneath my raspberry plant on the roof terrace, with mosses in intriguing shapes and forms.

image by Ton Zijlstra, license CC-BY-SA

painting framed

The painting on the left I gave myself as a present at the end of December. The title is City Lights, and I like the explosion of color, and patterning in rectangles and triangles. It’s made by Hungarian artist Pető Csenge, and I bought it from her directly. It was unframed and to get it framed I had to wait for the framer to be open again after the lifting of some of the lock down measures. A little over a week ago I went and selected a dark blue frame, and picked the framed painting up last Saturday. It now hangs on my home office wall, and I like the result, also in combination with the photo next to it, that echoes the color scheme and division in different squares.