I came across this relic during a brief stop along the A3 Autobahn driving home frome Switzerland earlier this week. I almost overlooked it completely, as you ignore so much street furniture and loud advertising you come across. Only on second glance it registered as a public telephone.

Public phone, at the Siegburg-Ost Raststätte along the A3 near Köln. A relic in an open air museum almost.

Waking up to 2022 looking out on a fog covered Lake Zug. Visiting dear friends, we go back over 30 years. Feeling privileged and thankful. That we could travel this week. That we kept in touch through the decades and through life’s changes. That conversations as always pick up where we left off last time, even though we couldn’t visit each other these past 2 pandemic years. I missed them I realise now seeing each other again.

Sunrise in Walchwil, with a view of fog covered Lake Zug, and Rigi mountain

Had a nice walk in the Kaapse Bossen this morning. A clear winter morning after the first night of real frost. A white dusting of ice crystals on everything. Walked with some colleagues from a client, at the end had coffee ‘tailgating‘ because everything is closed. Nice way of finishing the working year with this client.

Yesterday I had a meeting above the central entrance of Amersfoort railway station. It’s a station I pass through often. I’ve been up in that meeting space above the station multiple times but infrequent, and not since All This began. I’m struck (again) with what a change of perspective does to experiencing this place. A good reminder when approaching other things. Changing the viewpoint is good practice.