Yesterday we swapped one Swiss lake for another, visiting dear friends on Lake Zug for NYE. The weather is fantastic although very unseasonal. Which gave us an amazing final sunset for 2022 and clear views entering 2023.

The final sunset of 2022

2023 first morning view

Arrived at Halwiler See in Switzerland yesterday, visiting dear friends for NYE. Tonight together we’ll relocate to Lake Zug to the home of other dear friends. We were roommates at University and have been celebrating NYE together for decades. This year was a turbulent one for both of them, so lots to catch up on.

Y enjoying the view early morning

This morning we woke up to this view, with the Alps and their 4000m+ peaks clearly visible towards the south (to the left of this photo though), about 80kms away all across Canton Luzern and towards the Bernese Alps on the border with Canton Wallis.

The sawmill ‘the Star’ (named after its first owner), in the Utrecht city center along the Leidsche Rijn. Built in 1739 and in operation until the 1910’s, rebuilt in the 1990’s. Walked passed it this week on my way to an appointment. I like that the boy cycling by looks at it in passing.

Last year we had a new ‘adopted’ Christmas tree, tree number 0525. After Christmas it was returned to the soil with the grower’s, so we could come collect it again this year. However the heat waves last summer have not been kind to 0525, and at the grower’s suggestion we came to have a look, finding it yellow and brownish.
We selected a replacement, labelled tree 4724. It will be delivered to our door next week. To be returned to the field early January.

Our tree with label number 4724, this morning at the grower’s