Y has been asking about getting a kite for a while, so yesterday we drove to The Wall in Utrecht (an 800m long building housing a shopping center that doubles as a noise barrier keeping the noise from the A2 motorway it sits on from the surrounding houses), and got one.

This morning Y and I went to the nearby park and had to try it out obviously.


Spent a great afternoon at my sister’s, swimming with Y (who after a while found the confidence to float on her own), and then having dinner together. Here my sister and Y are preparing Eton Mess for dessert.


Earlier this week, Y spotted this tiny fellow hopping round the garden after the rain stopped, and we looked at it together until it hopped out of the sun into the shade of the plants.

When we were sitting on the terrace this afternoon we heard several frogs / toads call out from the underneath the plants in our garden as we chatted and had a glass of wine. It still surprises me how very different the fauna in our current neighbourhood is (coots, swans, cormorants, kingfisher, lots and lots of frogs and toads, Fred, one mouse in three years), compared to where we lived before (martens, pheasants, hedgehogs, deer, mice so many mice every day).

For lunch today we cycled to the old Soestdduin railway station, about 14km from our house. It was around 30C, but with a little wind, and it was a pleasant ride, we were in no hurry.

Lunch at Soestduin

Ater a fine three course Italian meal al fresco, we skipped the dolce, sipped an espresso, and cycled back. This time a slightly different route, taking us along the railway line through the woods, entering the city near the zoo again, and from there onwards home.

A good first day of our staycation.

Got up very early this morning to finish a draft chapter of a client report and send it in for feedback, before E and Y woke up. The rest of the day is for enjoying the weather and each other’s company. From today I am entering a summer schedule until September 1st, where I work 3 days per week, and the rest of the week for day trips etc.

Still life at the garden table, with coffee, laptop, and apple.