A gift from my colleagues. ‘Tegeltjeswijsheid’ means ’tile-wisdom’ or the often somewhat cliché phrases that are printed on tiles as an old fashioned type of decoration. We moved into new offices this January (in the same building), and since then everyone of us is getting their own tile with some characteristic phrase etc. about them. Yesterday I received mine. It reads “In my notes of 20 years ago I see that…”. A (exaggerated! really!) reference to my personal knowledge management (pkm) system. I indeed regularly inject things into conversations, when some question or topic is discussed along the lines of “last time we discussed this in 201x, we thought this or that, and concluded somesuch”.

I briefly visited the printing workshop of Roy Scholten today. I was there to pick up a print of a kingfisher, the final bird in his 50 bird series of Lego letterpress prints. Roy was printing posters for the upcoming exhibition of the birds lego prints. While we chatted I took a snapshot of these posters on the wall.

The phrase When In Doubt Make Something on the posters reminded me of Shall we make something? from when Peter was visiting us in Enschede and E took him to the local FabLab. Not entirely a coincidence that I had that association, because we had just mentioned Peter, as Roy asked whether E and I had received one of ‘the boxes‘ and mentioned Peter will likely visit in a few weeks. I like the emergence of such connections.

I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the work of Diane Scherer. She grows grasses and other plants on a surface in some specific way such that the roots form patterns. Then she turns the grass mats over, to show the root patterns as if they are tapestries.

Last weekend E took me on a surprise weekend to celebrate our 25 years together. We visited the Kranenburgh museum in Bergen where the work of Scherer was shown.

We had a fun first visit to the local CoderDojo this afternoon, with the three of us. Y animated dinosaurs and created an earth with wobbly eyes that followed the mouse pointer.

Y working in Scratch on some animated dinosaurs

A month ago, Y had a ‘programming day’ at school where people from De Programmeerschool worked a full day with her class. She liked working in Scratch, so I suggested we visit the local CoderDojo. Next time I think we should try and bring a friend. She invited a friend this time, but there were no more tickets available (although there was still plenty space on-site).

I key-noted at the Dutch DojoCon in 2019, and then became a member of their Club of 100, donating money every year. And today I was able to bring my daughter and enjoy the activities. I first came across CoderDojo in Limerick, Ireland during 3D Camp in 2014 co-organised by our friend Gabriela Avram.