It was windy and snowy yesterday in Zeeland. We watched the waves and leaned into the heavy winds on the sea dike. This photo I took from Vlissingen’s old harbour head, looking out over the Western Scheldt. I like the composition with the ship, and the bright line in the clouds countering the lines from the harbour jetty.


Walking in Amelisweerd, photo by me, CC BY SA.

I was away from home today. It was almost like I didn’t know how that worked anymore. What do I take with me? Where’s my laptop’s spare adapter? My mifi router? In the morning I met up with a client team (with special approval by the client organisation to meet up in its offices), and afterwards went for a walk with a few colleagues at the Amelisweerd estate near Utrecht. Also went to pick up some mail from the office. Being outside was fine, having to relocate between activities felt odd after months of just switching windows for that. It was also tiring. Crazy!

Since the thawing of the ice two swans frequent the watercourse at the bottom of our garden to feed. When I went down there to enjoy a few rays of sun, these two tried to chase me away hissing at me. It’s my garden There’s a sturdy fence, so I bravely stood my ground knowing full well they couldn’t get to me. Quite unlike when one went after E when the fence wasn’t there yet. They withdrew when I hissed back at them and threw some water from my glass in their general direction. The Swan gang isn’t going to take over my turf! 😉



Such magnificent birds.

The ice on the watercourse next to our garden looks like it will hold us now. Time for Y’s first skating experiences later today.

I don’t walk down to our water side terrace enough. It really is nice in the morning light on a clear and crisp day like today.