Was in Rotterdam yesterday evening for a meeting at the Het Nieuwe Instituut (NI, ‘The New Institute’), the Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design and digital culture which ao houses the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning. Set in Rotterdams Museumpark, surrounded by the Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences and the Erasmus University Hospital, it is a location with many nice architectural sight lines. Some only appear later in the day, after sunset, such as the lighting of the gallery running alongside the NI. Earlier on people were practicing dances there. When I walked back to the railway station it was mostly empty, allowing this shot.

Last week parents could join their kids in the classroom for a few minutes in the morning. Y started school in the midst of pandemic lock-downs, and I have only been in her class room one or two times before in two years. This was the first time during school hours. Y’s teacher snapped some images.

Y and me drawing (both left handed)

This week Y celebrated her 6th birthday with her friends. Here they run towards the final programme item, eating at a pancake restaurant. It was her first proper children’s party, as on her 4th she hadn’t entered school yet due to the pandemic schoool closures and her 5th also coincided with a pandemic lockdown.

Yesterday was a mixed day. We prepared for Y’s sixth birthday party, and were at the vet where our 17yr old cat was put down.

Our last living cat, head of the household since October 2020, last week enjoying a nap in the garden.

Packaging Y’s presents, and blowing up balloons in the evening. As expected she stood fully dressed by our bed this morning at 6:30 to start her birthday party, so we were right in not thinking we could do the prep early in the morning.

Coincidental bike stacking.
E went to the railway station and parked her bike. I took a train later, having cycled with Y to school first. I spotted E’s bike and parked mine above it.