I usually get up an hour or more before E and Y do. When Y wakes up she assumes I’m in my office, comes in and climbs on my lap. While I’m typing she sometimes asks to edit her website together, or grabs a post-it and draws something. This one she attached to one of my screens as a gift yesterday morning.


Such a beautiful morning today, sunshine and some lingering fog with the sun’s rays coming through. This heron, Y and I encountered in the park around the corner from our home, while cycling to the shops. We stood there for a few minutes watching each other.

It’s a crappy photo, shot from my bicycle, but it shows what I enjoy about cycling our daughter to school in the morning (at least when it’s not raining): on most mornings I encounter a heron, or swans, or as today both together, somewhere along the path.


Made a beautiful walk around Valkenburg today, ending with a visit to the castle ruins.

Valkenburg, Old Jewish Cemetery

Underneath the outer wall on the hillside is the old Jewish cemetery of Valkenburg. In the image is the gravestone of Maximiliaan Bachrach, ca 1881- 08-10-1894. There is one other visible grave. There are other graves as it has been in use from 1792-1925, but the ground is ever shifting, due to the caves below the hill, so other graves likely have sunken into the ground over time.

We went to the theater tonight. E had received tickets as birthday present from cousin S, who sits on the board of the local chamber music festival September Me.


It was of course a socially distanced seating arrangement.


A beautiful opening concert by the Ragazze Quartet with compositions by Caroline Shaw, specifically written for and premiered at this festival tonight.