Good catching up with you after too long Boris. Excited to hear about Fission. Later on was wondering how IPFS as starting point plays out with highly dynamic material (e.g. real time data sets), versus dat for such data sets. Pleasing to note our thinking since our joined session at BarCamp Brussels in 2006 has evolved along similar lines in the current timeframe, except you more on the tech side of things, and me on the change management side of it.

Human life expectancy is about 80. A company’s life expectancy is about 15 years. When they disappear they will take your data down with them. You can use platforms for reach and collaboration fine, but also having your own ‘mothership’ to host your original material is about 5 times as sustainable.

This is a test to see if I have succeeded in adjusting the order of an item’s content in the RSS feed to [my response] [ the stuff i’m responding to]. I do this already in my postings, but not in the feeds. That makes other people’s words pop up in my feed items first, and thus in e.g. my which reposts my feed.

Replied to Jij en het Web kunnen meer dan je denkt

Je hebt je eigen website, voor je eenmanszaak bijvoorbeeld. Of je maakt wel eens een website voor jezelf, een bekende of je sportvereniging.
Omdat je aandacht wilt voor wat je bezighoudt, of omdat je bezoekers naar je site wilt brengen, publiceer je daarnaast ook op Twitt…