Last tended on 10 March, 2024 (first created 5 July, 2022)

Hello, my name is Ton Zijlstra

I welcome conversation. Contacting me is easy and appreciated.
Here is how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • E-mail is always my favourite and almost always the fastest way for you to get in touch. See the right side bar.
  • If you have my phone number and can’t reach me, please do not leave a voicemail message. Send an e-mail (fastest!), or send a text message (Signal, Threema or SMS) stating your actual question or specific reason to call (“Can you call me please? I’d like to talk to you.” does not qualify as a valid question or reason, please be specific.). Phone calls are always an interruption, unless planned. My phone is always in silent mode, I will only pick up if I happen to see the call come in, ensuring that it is not interrupting if I pick-up.
  • On Calendly you can schedule a planned conversation with me, where you set the topics of conversation.
  • My blog here contains everything I share online, you are welcome to comment or link to my writing from your own website, which will sometimes show up here as a mention too. You can subscribe to RSS feeds to keep track of it all. My blogposts are also shared to and any replies there will come back to my site.
  • You can find my profile on LinkedIn, but their timeline has become Facebook’s only marginally better behaved twin and I fully ignore it. I have unfollowed everyone, and my timeline is always empty. LinkedIn is only a self-updating rolodex to me. You can use it to send me messages if we’re connected though, I will see those. Please do not connect there unless we actually met or interacted before. In all other cases see the first bullet: you’re welcome to send me an e-mail.
  • I am active on Mastodon. I run a single person instance for my Mastodon account, and post there directly and through my website. I do interact there, and will respond to messages, though I may not see them immediately. Same for my company Mastodon account.
  • I don’t use Twitter (nor what it has morphed into) but I do still have a limited access account @tonzylstra, which I no longer accept followers for.
  • I am infrequently active in the community channels of IndieWeb, Obsidian, Code for NL, Thingscon, Digitale Fitheid, and CoderDojo. If in that context you mention me or ping me, I will eventually see it, but not immediately.
  • I am not on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, nor Telegram.
  • Really need to reliably contact me quickly? Send an e-mail, maybe followed up with a Signal or SMS message to let me know that your e-mail is urgent.

This is a Hello Page, modelled after a suggestion by Alistair Johnson.

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