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Refund? What do you mean?

Supplier: we’ll be shipping you these goods soon, can you check this list if the shipment matches your order?

Me: I’ve checked, there are 3 widgets that I ordered missing.

Supplier: Yes, we came to the conclusion you don’t actually need those 3 widgets to make the thingamajigs you also ordered work, as we previously assumed. And as you ordered them for the thingamajigs, we left them out.

Me: Ok, so how and when will you be refunding me what I paid for those 3 widgets?

Supplier: What do you mean?

(to be continued….)

Open Data Psychologist

While I was working in Malaysia last week I got a new job description, that I like. During a day of discussions I regularly discussed the importance of the social aspects, behaviour and attitude involved in making open data work, as opposed to it being merely a question of technology. So the participants in the round table discussions called me the Open Data Psychologist. A quick search on LinkedIn seems to indicate I now have a unique job description 😉

Unexpected Great Feedback

Earlier this year I worked closely with the Frisian Library Service to create the project ‘Impact through connection, at school‘ together. At the core was my model of agency and a process I designed to guide a group towards exploring using both technology and methods to address a local issue. Today I had a conversation with Jeroen de Boer, of the FryskLab team, who had involved me in putting my idea to practice, at a primary school with a group of 10 year olds. We talked about what came after the project that took place in January to March.

Group photo with the class
The class and our team in front of the Frysklab truck last March

That’s when I received some awesome feedback.

“Your experimental process has basically become the way we work now during workshops and with groups”.

He also had heard from the teacher of the class we worked with that “the pupils said it was the best thing in the entire school year”.

The project was partly financed by the Dutch Royal Library and they indicated it was “one of the most inspiring projects they helped finance this year”.

That sounds like a great starting point to explore what else we can do together next year.

Running a Diaspora Pod

I’m planning to start running a Diaspora pod on one of my VPSs, with an aim to provide a communal space for some of our longtime friends getting more frustrated with FB but dreading the cost of leaving (such as rushing to some other platform to find no-one is there.) Diaspora is similar to Facebook and/or Twitter, is open source and set up in a fully distributed way.

Friend and fellow tinkerer Peter Rukavina and I plan to work together on this.

(btw I already have a Diaspora profile on, so if you already use Diaspora you can find me there. Ultimately I will replace that profile and host my own.)

All Edgeryders #openvillage Festival Notes

During the Edgeryders #openvillage Festival in Brussels earlier this month there was a collaborative note taking effort of all the sessions. These notes are now available at the Edgeryders website.

Edgeryders Openvillage Festival

Is this thing on?

Test posting. Added a separate short entry feed to my blog. Enabling me to move away from Facebook I hope. It is set to not show up on my main blog (front page), but kept in a separate category. It currently is set to show up in RSS, but I might change that. (I am planning to start running my own Diaspora pod as Facebook replacement, and then auto-post this category to it)

Crypto-trouble in e-Estonia

If you have an e-residency card, read this statement by the e-residency program, which contains the following practical info: all existing e-residents will need to update their certificates (once ready) using the ID card software on their computer. It will be possible to easily update the certificates remotely (without travelling to an Embassy) and you will be automatically notified by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board when the update is ready — although we will also remind you through all our official e-Residency channels.

Ars Technica has the original article explaining more about what went wrong.