Today was the first time I had to be really cross with our little one. With a friend she had used a set of color markers to not just draw on the board intended for it, but everywhere else in her room as well. The door, the walls, the floor, lightswitches, all the furniture such as her bed including the sheets, the lamps and her piggy bank, the Sonos speaker, the toys in her room, and the poster frames on her wall. The door and the wall can’t be cleaned and will need a new coat of paint at some point. The rest luckily could be wiped clean quickly.

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Welcome home, again, Alberto. What a nice write-up. When my (then Honduran) brother in law received his Dutch nationality, we as family attended a similar session with him in his hometown Utrecht. Although it was definitely more formal (with an oath and all that jazz), it was also very festive and relaxed and not just a routine.

Of course it does mean that as a Dutchman I now get to make Belgium jokes about you. But luckily that goes both ways, you get to tell Dutch jokes about me. Brussels is one of those places that prove every time I visit that Europe works.

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…our mayor welcoming us to the large, colorful, slightly shady Brussels family (yes, shady, since our cultural heroes are people like these – and proud of it!).
Way to go, my fellow Belgians. No, this country is not perfect. It can be quite dysfunctional. But these things are fixable. What matters most to me, is the ironic, tender humanity you so often manage to infuse in life here. If this is Belgium, I am happy to have chosen to make my home here, and proud to be one of you.

Deze week lijkt er een nieuwe activiteit op het Malieveld te ontstaan: je tentje er neer zetten. Dinsdag en vandaag, donderdag zag ik er 1 eenzame tent staan, niet dezelfde. Vanochtend kwam er ook een stel agenten eens vragen wat er aan de hand is. Vanmiddag stond het tentje er nog. Het heeft in ieder geval opgeleverd dat ik nu de (interessante!) historie van het ontstaan van het Malieveld op Wikipedia heb gelezen.

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In december I had a tooth pulled. As a consequence I had to chew on the right side of my mouth in the past weeks. Earlier this week I had a dream that I was also missing two teeth on the right side. Today I lost an old filling on the right side. So tomorrow back to the dentist for some emergency fixes.

I bekeek toevallig de page source van het NRC (om een artikel achter de paywall te lezen), en vond toen dit:

“NRC zoekt per direct ervaren backend- en front-end developers. Meer informatie op”

Ik weet niet of het nu grappig is zo’n easter-egg, of eigenlijk bedroevend dat van niemand anders dan ontwikkelaars verwacht wordt dat ze wel eens de bron van een webpagina bekijken.