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What are you doing now?
A Now-page is a hybrid between the About page and my weekly notes. The About page says something about my background and general activities. My weekly notes, that only RSS subscribers get to see, talk about actual activities in the past days. This Now page contains the general activities I’m spending time on these days. It contains the things I’d mention if you would ask me in a conversation what I’m doing currently, after we haven’t spoken for a while.

Currently working exclusively within my company The Green Land. The pandemic shut down any World Bank work I was involved in. My current projects include: building a citizen science community w.r.t. measuring air quality in the city of Rotterdam, and as part of the Dutch government tactical council keeping track of the many data related EU programmes and regulations with an eye of tying them to Dutch initiatives and representing the Dutch position in Europe.

As everyone in the world I’ve been at home mostly since mid March 2020. I’ve been working half time to better balance the challenges things like school closures pose in the first half of 2021, but since returned to more or less full time.

Last year I’ve revamped my personal knowledge management system (using Obsidian as tool of choice), and that is now leading to more purposefully seeking out new knowledge. I’m trying to build reading more non-fiction into my days, and as part of that I’ve re(?)-learned reading non-linearly before the summer. Now I’m trying to make good use of that.
Blogging is as important to me as ever, even if nothing much is happening in terms of events, travel, seeing new things.

We were lucky to be able to travel this summer, visiting Denmark and France. It was a much needed change of pace and scenery. Balancing our lives now that our action radius has been reduced to the home mostly in the past 18 months is still key. Although slowly we can venture out more, like going for lunch with E. to have ‘normal’ conversations about other things than the logistics of our stay at home lives.

Voluntary work
Last year was a challenging year for the NGO I chair, Open State Foundation, which employs 7 people. Now things are in good shape and that reduces the need for my direct involvement.
I’m working on getting the Open Nederland membership organisation, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter more or less, recognised as a public benefit institution under Dutch law. (I’m their treasurer).
I’m open to other voluntary board positions of organisations that fit with my current thematic interests.

Current interests
Current interests are: networked agency, ethics as a practice, digital transformation but distributed, self automation, civic tech, machine learning for civic tech and households, seeing my work as (political) activism, European and global developments w.r.t. data as a geopolitical force, learning in the networked age.

These interests inform my reading and information gathering at the moment.

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  1. I’ve added a Now page. It was on my list of small things for a long time, but I never got around to finding the right middle ground between my about page and my weekly notes. Until ‘Now’.

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