Bookmarked Home-worker… care-work… self-care. by Maren Deepwell

Maren Deepwell in a blogpost explores a question E and I have been discussing as well. Now the days are getting shorter, and begin outside a lot is less of an option, how are we going to deal with likely lock-down periods? In the spring the lockdown was easier to carry: the weather was generally beautiful and we enjoyed our garden as much as possible. Now life is taking place inside more for the next few months. As usual around early October, I started taking high doses of vitamin D, which for years has been helpful to me. We’ve already made a few improvements in the house to make it more comfortable. Maren Deepwell points to how the Nordics deal with the dark half of the year, and that is a good pointer. One thing we learned from visiting the north of Sweden, as well as Denmark, in the winter months, is the use of lighting and candles. But there’s likely more.

And that got me thinking about what the equivalent of a fresh snowfall will be for me as a home-worker this winter, as I continue to work through this crisis in the colder, darker months and return to localised lock downs here in Wales, which will restrict all aspects of my life. …

Maren Deepwell