This is something I might add to my RSS feed too. Because, just like in this posting, I always post my own remarks above the thing I am bookmarking, liking or replying to, it is sometimes confusing to readers what I am referring to in those first sentences of a post.

I do wonder how it looks in my case though, as I usually don’t add titles to bookmarks, likes and replies, and this little snippet of code adds the post type to that non-existent title. Main question is would it indeed help to reduce confusement? Added to the list of site-tweaks to do.

Bookmarked Identifying Post Kinds in WordPress RSS Feeds

….But for people who subscribe (either directly or indirectly) to everything I post, I imagine it must be a little frustrating to sometimes be unable to identify the type of a post before clicking-through. So I’ve added the following code….

SIFT through the infodemic accompanying the spread of the Corona virus. I must say I haven’t encountered much in the way of conspiracy theories in Dutch language sites, but have seen it pointed to in English. Hone your crap detection skills. The Infodemic blog explains a few useful micro-skills that all take just seconds, to keep your infohygiene up. It’s a “wash your hands well” for the web.

clean hands
Image by Arlington County, license CC BY SA