Last year I added openly licensed images of the week number to my Week Notes postings. I want to more frequently use openly licensed and re-usable cultural artefacts. Because ultimately, only if you use it will it stay available, so there’s an obligation to re-use common cultural artefacts. All images I use here on my blog, and also all images I use in presentations are Creative Commons licensed or Public Domain images (except for screenshots). My own photos are Creative Commons licensed (though not fully open, as they preclude commercial re-use), as are my postings here.

For 2020 I came up with a new rationale for the expected 53 weekly images, using an idea that Elmine suggested to me.

In 2020 I will choose re-usable images based on historical events of the week in question. So every Week Notes of 2020 will end with a ‘This week in … ‘ segment with an openly licensed image.

Here’s to 2020!

(Left hand side image by Andy Maguire, license CC BY. Right hand side image by John Johnston, license CC BY SA)

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