It was a very busy week, with dawn to dusk videocalls on several days. I declared videoconferencing moratorium for next week (although I have a handful scheduled), in order to get some things qctually done. This week I

  • Got asked to do an extended interview/briefing on the ‘Impact through Connection‘ project I did a few years ago, in order to create a low threshold document for library staff to emulate our work.
  • Worked on the data publishing platform for a province
  • Discussed how to use data better for governance audits, as well as for politician’s briefings for a client
  • Prepared documentation for the Open Nederland general assembly
  • Finished my series of 6 blogpostings about using Obsidian (here’s part 1, with links to the other 5)
  • Did a number of interviews on sustainable infrastructure development (roads, waterways etc) for a client
  • Discussed with the Dutch service provider to move my company’s NextCloud to them
  • Indulged myself ordering some books from Shakespeare and Company in Paris, just because
  • Unpacked my newly received CZUR Shine Ultra, a scanner/camera that ook some time getting delivered from China due to the pandemic.
  • Enjoyed the lovely fall weather this weekend
  • Made a list of the non-fiction books on my Nova2, Kindle and windowsill’s ‘to read’ stacks. There wasn’t really a need to order more from Paris, I must admit. I can read my way through multiple additional pandemic waves to be honest. Having the list will however help me actually start on some of those books.

This week in … 1492*
A meteorite fell to earth in the Alsace. It was observed and chronicled at the time. A 127kg piece is still on display in the town of Ensisheim.

(this image I found through Google search. As it’s a straightforward reproduction of public domain material, it is considered public domain as well.

(* I show an openly licensed image with some Week Notes posting, to showcase more open cultural material. See here why, and how I choose the images for 2020.)