This week was a pretty regular week, but with a busy ending as I co-organised an event. An ending that additionally had an unwelcome twist as E had an incident that while more scary than serious, did involve an ambulance, so I returned/stayed home for most of the event so E could rest.

Other than that I

  • Visited the Van Gogh Museum for a beautiful Hockney exhibition
  • Wrote and sent in an offer and admin stuff for a public procurement procedure
  • Discussed re-use rights of 3D visualisations a client had previously procured for a different purpose
  • Presented a project around the EU copyright directive to the SIDN, the Dutch domain names authority, alongside several other projects. The SIDN is providing a grant to Open Nederland where I’m a board member for this project.
  • Helped prepare an unconference celebrating the 10th anniversary of a professorship.
  • Did a half day brainstorm session on microsubsidies for the energy poor.
  • With Frank Meeuwsen did the last preparations for IndieWebCamp Utrecht
  • Had a fun early-bird dinner with participants of IndieWebCamp Utrecht
  • Hosted IndieWebCamp Utrecht on Saturday and Sunday, although remotely mostly as I urgently went home due to aforementioned incident with E
  • €20photo by Sean MacEntee, license CC-BY

A week somewhat dominated by busting a tooth, which can’t be repaired and probable needs an implant as replacement. Next to dentist visits, I

  • Worked on a project proposal
  • Attended a session for an open data strategy for a province
  • Sent invoices, did some bookkeeping
  • Got myself some reading glasses
  • Provided detailed feedback on a procurement plan for a province, to ensure that anything data related is arranged in ways that ensure re-use is allowed, and rights remain with the province
  • Spent a fun day with the little one in the city
  • Spent a great day with E and the little one celebrating my 49th, which included the little one’s first train ride, and a visit to the Miffy museum
  • Made some final preparations for next week’s IndieWebCamp Utrecht

photo Karin Sakrowski CC BY ND

A regular week where I

  • Did a session for an (open) data experiment around targeting micro subsidies for energy transition for the relatively energy poor (households that will never have the means to adapt their houses, although they own their homes.)
  • Collated notes of last weeks stakeholder mapping workshops
  • Did Q1 bookkeeping and VAT returns
  • Discussed the ins and outs of goose hunting and consumption
  • Held an office warming with our company
  • Did a session with Elmine and my colleague Bart on the internal and external communications tactics of my company.
  • Installed NextCloud for our company, and started running a Rocket chat server as Slack replacement. By the end of coming week I hope to have both of them fully operational.
  • Did some preparations for the upcoming IndieWebCamp Utrecht. Registration is still open for this 18/19th May event I am organising with Frank Meeuwsen.

18, photo by Dwayne Madden, license CC-BY

The week started with a day off, on Easter Monday. Our friend Juliane Röll stayed with us for most of the week. Also I,

  • Met up with a former FabLab board colleague to catch up and discuss agency, enabling impact and the type of projects, clients etc. to go with that
  • Hung out with a dear friend for drinks and conversation, since we now live much closer to each other
  • Discussed communications actions for my company with our new colleague Bart
  • Hosted the general assembly of the Open Nederland association, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter in our new The Green Land offices
  • Prepared and did a day of workshops aimed at stakeholder mapping for a client around two specific tasks
  • Spent a day in Amersfoort’s inner city, as it was our national holiday King’s Day with the royal family visiting Amersfoort.

17, photo by Topher76, CC-BY-SA

16 (photo by Matthieu Sévère, license CC-BY)

A regular week with increasingly nice weather in which I

  • Had a meeting with the National Archive’s open data team
  • Discussed potential training products/services with our new employee Sara
  • Worked on our open data project for a province
  • Discussed organising an unconference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a professorship
  • Had our monthly ‘all hands’ meeting with my company (we’re currently 8 people), followed by drinks and dinner together
  • Did first quarter book keeping for the VAT returns
  • Wrote some contributions for the 2018 year report for a province
  • Spent a beautiful sunny day with the little one, exploring our part of town with her in the lead, eating fish, and ice cream with her, playing on the slides and swings
  • Spent the Easter weekend outside in the sun, with our own and my sister’s family.
  • Started work to get my e-book collection organised (and duplicated to my local Calibre library, realising how badly Amazon’s Kindle and website interface are designed
  • Sent out the first invites to the IndieWebCamp Utrecht, for 18/19 May.

Another week of light blogging. Maybe fell in the trap of overthinking it again. I did read more though.

This week I

  • Spent most of three days on an open data project for a province, mainly focusing on a comparative transparency study, of which one part was looking at how Dutc provinces publish open data
  • Chaired the first meeting of the board of the Open State Foundation this year, taking a look at the 2018 results
  • Presented the results of a data governance improvement project to the client’s management team
  • Spent lots of time with the little one.
  • With Elmine did some home and garden improvements
  • Decided to attend this years Copenhagen Techfestival (5-7 September)
  • Decided I want to re-use more openly licensed material, so including a photo of this week’s number
Photo by ondasderuido, license CC-BY-SA

This week I had strong cold leaving me half deaf, with an inability to focus much and causing lack of sleep. I wrote several blogposts, but none of them finished, so a very light blogging week.

  • Went to ‘All Rembrandts’ exhibit at the Rijksmuseum with Elmine
  • Worked on an open data project for a province
  • Tweaked a plan for a Malaysian client, which should finally be the definitive version
  • Went to a funeral
  • Attended my colleague Paul’s farewell party at the Ministry for the Interior
  • Welcomed a new employee
  • Prepared a presentation of project results for next week
  • Outlined a project proposal
  • Did quite a bit of gardening with the little one
  • Spent a nice afternoon walk with my old fraternity friends and their families
  • Spent a nice afternoon with my two sisters and family

This week I

  • Did some admin and salaries, esp as we have 2 new people on board and a third starting next week
  • Prepared for IndieWebCamp Utrecht in May
  • Wrote several workshop formats
  • A day of meetings at a client’s
  • Discussed a potential new project
  • Planned a presentation of a finished project’s results
  • Set-up new laptop for next week’s new colleague

As we near the end of Q1, this was a week that felt sluggish, slow like swimming in syrup.

  • Created some rolling forecasts (liquidity, acquisition, time allocation, and projects) with my colleague Jochem. As we are entering a different phase with my company (e.g. more people), it is becoming more important to have some key things easily visible to my partners.
  • Worked on a project plan for a Malaysian client, current starting data estimated to be in June
  • Provided some input on data granularity to that client, for training they were providing this week to data holders
  • Monthly phone conference with the director and deputy director of Open State Foundation (of which I’m the chairman of the board)
  • Decided on a location for the IndieWebCamp Utrecht in May
  • Spent a day with my company’s partners discussing our course for the next nine months
  • Worked on a project for a Dutch province
  • Voted in the provincial elections and the water authority elections ( Netherlands’ oldest democratic institutions). These were the first elections since we moved into this region 2 years ago, so had to orient myself on what’s what and who’s who.
  • Loaded up on new books, as it is national book week.
  • As weekly hack or rather odd job, with help of the little one, I repaved the roof terrace where most tile stones were askew

A logistically challenging week with the little one at home with a fever.

  • Checked the city archives for the building plans of our house
  • Worked on a transparency benchmark for provinces
  • Had an early confcall with my World Bank colleagues and our Malaysian government client for our upcoming work there
  • Worked on an open data project for a province
  • Had a meeting with two directors of the National Archives
  • Did some planning for IndieWebCamp Utrecht in May
  • Agreed a lease for office space for The Green Land in Utrecht

Things I did this week:

  • Attended the Open Belgium conference in Brussels on Monday and gave a presentation about measuring impact. Attended with my colleague Jochem, who presented about our work in Flevoland province.
  • Adapted a proposal for the next phase of my work in Malaysia. Signed a new contract with the World Bank for it.
  • Had a fun dinner with the innovation team of a Dutch bank and a handful of other people to exchange ideas and inspire each other. It took place at InStock a restaurant that only uses food thrown out unsold by super markets, and which has a different menu each day because of it.
  • Taking care of some logistics involved in having a close relative in hospital to visit etc.
  • Worked two days for a province
  • Had a conversation with someone at the Ministry of Economy whom I hand’t spoken to in a very long time. Good to catch up.
  • Had a board meeting with Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons
  • Visited and inspected a potential office space for our company. With my partners (and a spreadsheet) decided to do it.
  • Went to see several primary schools in the area, in prep for deciding on a school for the little one

A week that was both ordinary and not at all. Posting this from a Brussels hotel where I will be presenting at the Open Belgium Conference early Monday morning.

  • The week started very early with a phone conference with colleagues in Malaysia and the USA
  • Did the final edit of a report on data goverance for a client
  • Worked on a transparency benchmark for provinces, looking at the first results to inform the next iteration
  • Worked on tying policy efforts of an economics department to potential open data solutions
  • Worried about and cared for a hospitalised family member, shuttling other family members back and forth to hospital
  • Prepared my slides for my Open Belgium talk
  • Did some geeking/hacking on geolocations in this blog

A regular week.

  • Did a session with Elmine on assisting each other to be more effective
  • Met and had a long conversation with Wilma Haan, the new director of the Open State Foundation who will start in March.
  • Had a conversation with Marco Derksen, hadn’t talked to him in a long time. We have very different networks but strong overlap in our interests and curiosity.
  • Worked two days for a province
  • Booked travel to visit Peter Rukavina‘s unconference on PEI in June
  • Finalised registering the Dutch Creative Commons chapter Open Nederland with the chamber of commerce and set up a bank account for it
  • Started designing three workshop formats, one on determining the data that has a bearing on your policy issue, one on stakeholder mapping around a policy issue, and one on data ethics within the context of your policy issue and its stakeholders
  • Re-acquainted myself with my World Bank work for the Malaysian government, as we are gearing up for a new engagement.
  • Formulated some first ideas on how to present the open data impact measurement framework I created for the UNDP in Serbia, for my presentation at Open Belgium in Brussels in 2 weeks time.

It looked like a pretty regular week, but then I developed a fever, so had to stay at home some of the days.

  • Had conversations with the Open State Foundation deputy director and the one remaining board member I hand’t met before yet, Noor
  • Discussed with Frank Meeuwsen when and how to organise an IndieWebCamp in Utrecht this spring
  • Worked on open data for a province
  • Caught up with André Golliez who has started a new company with two partners in Switzerland, and we discussed their new propositions and services
  • Started planning a stakeholder mapping exercise for a client
  • Had in-depth conversations with my The Green Land partners about our plans and course for the coming year
  • Spent Saturday in Enschede visiting our old neighbours for the birthday of their sons, and then an informal wedding reception at Henk and Melina’s, meeting many people we hadn’t met for a while. Our little one had a great time, so she didn’t mind we stayed a bit longer to catch up with people.

A busy week but not hurried.

  • Several conversations with companies involved in narrative inquiry.
  • Spent a day in Groningen for conversations, visiting the local modern art museum on the way back to the rail station
  • Spent an evening in Enschede meeting an old friend from university
  • Our cat was found after three days being lost out in the cold. Because she has a RFID tag, the people who found her could contact us. Spent some time nursing her back to health.
  • Worked on benchmarking provinces on their open data efforts
  • Worked on procurement conditions for open data
  • Worked with Elmine on mutually helping each other to be more effective in our work
  • Helped plan a session for small municipalities on open data, next month