A pretty unhurried week, in which a lot happened, but also a lot was left to do.

  • Some interviews for the project with the Province of North-Holland
  • Two day for the Province of South-Holland, working on expediting their open data provision
  • Writing my report for the Serbian open data impact assessment but with less progress than I wanted
  • The design for SSTM18, and more invitations, but also with less progress than I wanted
  • Experimented on this site with microformats amongst others

This week completes the first half of 2018. Which really is a bit of a shock, as it means the next two months will be mostly about enjoying the summer, while summer still felt a long way of. That summer will end with Elmine’s birthday unconference and bbq, SSTM18, on August 31st and September 1st.

Overall I feel I had a pleasant first half of 2018, mostly unhurried in the way I aimed for. That has created lots of headspace, visible from both my reading and writing pace the last 6 months, and judging by the amount of time I have been able to spend with Y and E.

This week I worked on

  • A range of interviews for a project with the Province of North-Holland
  • A session with the Province of South-Holland, planning our work for the next months together with the team and the client
  • Writing my report for the Serbian open data impact assessment
  • Discussed the final steps in the Serbian project with the team and the UNDP
  • The design for SSTM18
  • Adapting the planning for a project in Malaysia, incorporating the final client feedback
  • Planning for a dear friend’s wedding mid-August in Italy
  • Following the IndieWeb Summit 2018 in Portland online

A pleasant week, with some very pleasant travel.

  • Worked on an outline for a presentation next week at Delft University
  • Confcall on the Serbia open data impact research project
  • Some work on a project for a province, planning a series of interviews
  • Attending a session on possibly getting our neighbourhood to sustainable energy, or at least going all electric (no longer using gas for heating)
  • Discussed a speaking gig in Eastern Europe in a confcall
  • Drafted my keynote for State of the Net before I left for Italy
  • Spent the second half of the week in Trieste (by way of Venice) for State of the Net
  • Rewrote my keynote to fit half the speaking time, and add more actual material from project experience, not just abstractions. Rewriting done in between enjoying Trieste, speakers dinner and great conversations
  • Gave a keynote on Networked Agency
  • A big thanks to the State of the Net organisers and crew, who ensure you’re very well taken care of!

Less productive week than I’d have liked, yet still pretty much stress free

All rather unhurried although the week included a late night working.

  • Finalised the hand-over of a project for a province
  • Finalised and submitted a 6 months proposal
  • Attended a session on the GDPR at the Ministry for the Interior and a conference title ‘uncomfortable facts’ where I enjoyed a session on citizen science
  • Did some preparation for a new project kick-off next week
  • Had the garden done, to add some more green
  • Celebrated a dear friend’s 50th birthday
  • Went for a cycle tour and lunch with E and Y.

A pretty unhurried week, with a few unexpected meetings.

  • Worked on a project hand-over for a province
  • Looked at how election results in Malaysia may impact the project proposal currently under discussion with the Malaysian government
  • Published my review of the new PSI Directive Proposal by the European Commission
  • Had a project proposal for a province approved, to start in June
  • Started sending out invitations for Smart Stuff that Matters
  • Did some repair planning for a client now that a colleague is ill
  • Outlined a project proposal for a client for the next 6 months
  • Did the monthly bookkeeping and salary payments for our team at The Green Land
  • Started outlining my talk for State of the Net in two weeks time
  • Celebrated our daughter’s birthday with a beautiful garden party

An unhurried and fun week.

  • Worked on a project hand-over for a province
  • Discussed and adapted a project proposal for a province I recently submitted
  • Had a team conference call finalising the methodology to start interviewing 6 Serbian government bodies.
  • Worked on the outline of an impact assessment for open data in Serbia
  • Wrote a data protection policy for my blog, as a form of ‘action research’
  • Looked into the needed GDPR changes to my company’s website.
  • Took part in an energising ‘kitchen table’ conversation at the invitation of Ewout Wolff, discussing the internet as it now is, and things to improve
  • Had a first face to face conversation with Bert Boerland of Wunderkraut, exploring shared interests.
  • Provided the final summary at the fun closing event of our Flevoland Smarter program, in which we worked with 4 local governments on specific use cases of open data.
  • Made some notes and did travel arrangements for next month’s speaking engagement at State of the Net in Trieste
  • Agreed to present the opening key-note at the Dutch FOSS4G community annual conference in July.
  • Enjoyed our garden, and its wildlife, as a workplace, and enjoyed hanging out with the family, amongst other things visiting the local zoo.
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Last week I forgot to write week notes, likely enjoying the great spring weather too much in the garden and because several national holidays broke the rhythm of the past weeks. So here’s a double helping.

Week 18

  • Worked at handing over my work at a Province
  • Wrote and submitted a project proposal for another Province
  • Enjoyed time with E and the little one on Liberation day
  • Approached a few potential speakers for State of the Net
  • Decided to throw a small birthday party

Week 19

  • Spent a few days in London
  • Walked around London with Paolo, catching up, discussing work and State of the Net
  • Met with the ‘friends of Tim’, conversing about our companies, asking advice on each others projects
  • Close read the new European Commission proposal for the PSI Directive, in order to write a blogpost on it
  • Met with the organising committee of the Koppelting conference
  • Discussed the results of the work of my intern, who focuses on the ethics of open data
  • Discussed progress and planning with the team and the UNDP of our project mapping the potential impact of open data in Serbia
  • Held my birthday party for the first time in 6 years I think (and got an awesome present from E and the family

A short working week, due to a national holiday and some travel.

  • Did first quarter book keeping and VAT returns for my 3 and E’s companies
  • Several interesting conversations with contacts and leads
  • Diving into the work of our intern working on the ethics of data and my agency model
  • Hand-over session to a newly appointed open data steward at a client
  • Seeing the European Commission impact assessment on the PSI Directive published, which I worked on late last year and January
  • Read a lot, wrote a lot, and further shaped my rss reading diet. Feels like writing is becoming a habit again.
  • Congratulated a friend with becoming a Knight in the order of Orange-Nassau
  • Spent an evening in Switzerland to celebrate a dear friend’s 50th birthday. We’ve known each other for 29 of those 50.
  • Reworked some of my daily routines

Enjoyed a brief visit to Lake Zug this weekend

This week was another unhurried one, although I’m left with some sense of urgency as I didn’t do all I wanted to focus on.

  • Received a request for a new project offer, for a provincial government, and worked on the offer
  • Worked on the Serbian open data impact study
  • Conversations with several leads and network partners to discuss our respective views on what lies ahead
  • Planned some more conversations like that
  • Repopulated my RSS reader to improve my information diet
  • Enjoyed working outside in the beautiful weather, as well hanging out in the garden with the little one
  • Visited the Big Data Festival, organized by a Dutch Ministry, where I
    mostly valued a session on ethics
  • Blogged a lot, read a lot
  • Visited the local FabLab to fix the humidity sensor on my Measure Your City sensor hub, and attended an interesting presentation there by the national government institute for health and environment (RIVM) on particulate matter pollution measurements from fireworks around New Year’s Eve, using a partly citizen generated sensor network

A week mostly spent working at home. After being ill for a week it didn’t feel easy to get back into a rhythm.

  • Meeting with the Frisian open data working group, and its steering committee.
  • Reviewing two country chapters on Netherlands and Belgium of a European research project, and discussing my feedback with the author
  • Literature review for a project in Serbia
  • Documenting material for a Dutch province for handing over a project
  • Discussing the state of open data within Dutch ministries with a colleague.
  • Reaching out to various network contacts for leads and following up those leads, making appointments for the coming weeks
  • Rethinking my blogging approach, adding functionality (wiki, microblog) to my blog
  • Built our daughter a sandbox in the garden

A week of forced rest, as I was ill throughout. No work, but did manage to read a few books between naps. Cory Doctorow’s Walkaway (science fiction) and Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free (non-fiction), and Perfume River by Robert Olen Butler (novel). I thoroughly enjoyed Walkaway, and Perfume River was beautiful in rendering the complexity of family relations, history, assumptions and unspoken trauma.

Another unhurried week, with amongst others work done on

  • Meeting with a provincial council clerk and deputy clerk about open provincial council data
  • Discussing future collaboration ideas with the Frisian library service
  • Open data working group meeting in Fryslan, planning the next data release
  • Session with the Province of Fryslan on using the fall open data release to support their energy transition program
  • Catching up with a British colleague talking about unhurriedness, and planning a next meet-up of our ‘friends of Tim’ group (we met twice last year in memory of Tim’s passing)
  • Catching up with a French colleague discussing open data developments in France and francophone Africa
  • Discussing a shared list of data sets to be published by all 12 Dutch provinces, representing two provinces in a meeting of 10 provinces and the national data portal team.
  • Discussing the master thesis project a student, Rik, is doing as an intern at The Green Land
  • Revising an open data program proposal for the Malaysian government
  • Reviewing two country chapters on Netherlands and Belgium of a European research project
  • Started deleting my Facebook data, and revising the way I use FB
  • Restored my garden sensor hub in its proper place and started using a ThingsNode to measure temperature in our bike shed, writing the data to a spreadsheet with IFTTT in the way Peter Rukavina documented earlier this week.
  • Announced the Smart Stuff That Matters unconference and bbq for August, in honor of Elmine’s birthday

Most of the week was spent at home, with Y being ill (so she couldn’t go to day care). Things I worked on this week:

  • Gave a workshop for a policy department at Province Overijssel, looking for cases where open data helps achieve their own policy goals
  • Wrote some final input for an international 2-year project with libraries,
    which is now submitted
  • Discussed national data infrastructures and other topics, catching up with a Swiss colleague
  • Started collecting some more recent open data impact assessments, such as from Denmark, for a piece of research for UNDP Serbia
  • Thought about course and content for my work in the coming years
  • Reviewed a changed proposal for 18 months of work in/with Malaysia, to implement my recommendations in the Malaysian open data readiness assessment
  • Had our yearly walk and dinner with my old fraternity friends and their families