This week was the first full working week in the new year and I had to get used to getting back into a rhythm.
This week I

  • Worked on finalising a data governance project
  • Worked on a transparency benchmark framework for a client
  • Worked on procurement conditions regarding data sovereignty for a client
  • Sat down with Elmine to see how we can augment each other’s work
  • Arranged a variety of meetings and conversations across my network for the coming weeks
  • Had a lovely dinner at Klaas’s and Amarens’s with the other witnesses and their partners of their marriage last summer in Tuscany

Having spent the weekend after Christmas in Freiburg, in southern Germany, we drove to Lake Zug in Switzerland on Monday. There we celebrated New Year’s Eve with dear friends. We stayed with P and B. P, like H and R who were also there for NYE as they also live in Switzerland, is an old room mate. This new year we’ll have known each other for 30 years. We stayed for a few days, with our little one enjoying jamming on P’s digital drums, and Elmine going to Milano in Italy for a day together with B and M. We drove back on Thursday, and spent the weekend at home.

The coming week is the first working week again. This week I did a few small things:

  • Made the Q1 planning
  • Did some preparatory work for doing the 2018 accounts
  • Made a mind map for January as a braindump of everything that needs attention and to specify what might hold me back
  • Worked on my first ‘weekly hack‘. I plan to do something small every week this quarter
  • Bought several books, after asking my twitter network for tips, on digital distribution. I have a personal perspective on digital transformation, but not much insight into how others see it. What does stand out to me is that many organisations claiming to be at its forefront to me seem rather lackluster in embracing the consequences of digitisation, and the results seem rather dull. To my mind mostly because the focus is on digital only, not first or even only also on networked structures and processes and how that mirrors human behaviour.
After days of clouds, we only got to enjoy the full view and some snow the morning we left Switzerland

The final work week of this year. Next week will be focused on family and Christmas, before celebrating the new year with dear friends. Regular blogging will recommence in week 2 of 2019.

This week I

  • Discussed the first results of a data governance improvement project with the client
  • Worked on data governance process design, based on those first results
  • Presented the results of a recently delivered provincial open data project to a wider group of their internal stakeholders
  • Worked on a transparency measurement framework
  • Did the income tax submissions for both my and Elmine’s business for 2017, a full 63 minutes before the deadline 😉
  • Worked on a project proposal for a client in 2019
  • Took up some first tasks in my new role as chairman of the Open State Foundation
  • Did most of the planning for the first 3 months of 2019, and reflected on how things went the last year
  • Had a board meeting of the association Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter
  • Lined up some conversations with potential clients for January
  • Had the end-of-year dinner with our company, and the people we collaborated with this year
  • Picked up our ‘adopted’ Christmas tree (it’s the same tree as last year, which is then returned to the grower, who puts it back into the ground and takes care of it, until we pick it up again next year).

A final 2018 posting, the traditional ‘Tadaa’ posting of the year in review I’ll publish end of next week.
See you in the new year!

Next week is the final working week of the year, and it feels like a final dash on the last length.

The past days I

  • Worked on a data governance improvement project
  • Prepared two presentations for next week
  • Worked on a transparency measurement framework
  • Had a meeting on e-participation
  • Formally joined the board of an NGO, more in the coming days
  • Thought about finding useful automation opportunities in my work routines

Heading into the last two busy weeks before all goes quiet until the end of the year. This week was full and busy.

  • Spent two days with the great Frysklab team working on the Impact through Connection projects / Networked Agency method.
  • Stayed over in Leeuwarden for a night
  • Worked on procurement conditions concerning open data for a client
  • Worked on research design concerning transparency rankings
  • Discussed a World Bank project in Malaysia
  • Joined an online board meeting of a NGO I will be joining (more end of next week)
  • Did some bookkeeping
  • Worked on a data governance improvement project for a province

A random public domain photo from the National Archives to close off the week.

Friesland: Leeuwarden
Torenstraat, Leeuwarden, 1969. The right hand side has since been torn down and replaced by city hall.

A busy week, as expected.

  • Spent a lot of time working with the Library Service Fryslan to better detail and shape our networked agency based Impact Through Connection projects
  • Worked on a data governance improvement project for a province
  • Had a board meeting with Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons Chapter
  • Attended the public defence of a PhD thesis in which a ten year old project of mine was one of the cases studies
  • Worked on a data provision project for a province
  • Discussed current lower government data governance practices at the Ministry for the Interior

A busy week, focusing mostly on one project.

  • Spent most of the week on an assignment for a Dutch province improving their data governance for geo-data, and preparing a ‘spring cleaning’ of their older data sets starting next week
  • Made some small final alterations to the chapter on measuring open data impact in Serbia, for the UNDP. I intend to rework the chapter into something that can be published / used in other places as well. Will blog it as follow up to my posting on what makes measuring open data impact hard.
  • For another Dutch province participated in an event that brought together data specialists and domain specialists on energy transition and nitrogen-oxide pollution, to work out what type of data could be mobilised to help with which policy questions
  • Prepared the main activity for next week, which is specifying the networked agency method and the impact through connection process in more detail for different use cases and groups
  • Got elected to the board of an NGO, to be announced soon
  • Prepared for the board meeting of Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter, next week.

A full week, gearing up to three even fuller weeks, as part of the end-of-year rush at clients to get things finished before the (entirely psychological) clock runs out.

  • Delivered the final report for a project
  • Delivered final revision for the Serbian open data impact study
  • Discussed our ongoing work in Malaysia with the World Bank
  • Wrote a project proposal
  • Landed two (small) projects, one concerning Networked Agency about which I’m particularly excited
  • Spent a day in The Hague on our project with the Province there
  • Visited the Shakingtree Award session
  • Spent a morning with Elmine discussing various aspects of our work
  • Discussed planning and finances of The Green Land with my colleague Frank

Still suffering from a bug Y picked up at day care, made for a less productive week.

  • Worked on the final revisions of a report for a province
  • Took a first look at the final feedback on my report on open data impact in Serbia
  • Created a briefing on open data and procurement for a client
  • Met-up with the chairman of an NGO to potentially join their board
  • Explored what role open data might have in managing geese and the damage they cause to fields
  • Discussed a short project with a new client, which should still take place this year
  • Started planning two domain specific open data workshops with a client
  • Finalised 2017 tax returns for my companies and personal accounts

A week that felt less productive than hoped, also because of picking up a bug or something the little one brought home from daycare.

  • Caught up on the current open data collaboration between the city of Leeuwarden, the province and the regional archive, and discussed some possible next steps.
  • Discussed detailing the Networked Agency and Impact through Connection process / method in more detail with the Library Service Fryslan
  • Wrote a project proposal
  • Did a second iteration on a report for a province
  • Wrote out my notes about a talk on open data and government procurement
  • Finished 3rd quarter book keeping and did VAT tax returns for my and Elmine’s companies
  • Toyed with the idea of writing 1, actually 2 books
  • Discussed marketing/self presentation online with Elmine, as well as adding machine readable microformats to to the u-design wordpress theme
  • In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, will aim to write 1000 words every weekday in November, and did so this week at least.

A regular week. Unhurried, apart from having to really run for two trains. (It’s fall holiday week for most schools, and that means railroad works are planned as the number of commuters drops, wreaking havoc on the usual train schedules.)

Things I worked on:

  • Worked a few days on a report to plan for extension of available open data for a province.
  • Discussed that report with the client to decide how to put my findings into the decision making stream
  • Some 3rd quarter bookkeeping and monthly salaries processing
  • Presented to a province’s procurement team about ensuring data sovereignty in procurement processes, resulting in forming a team to work this out in more detail. Will blog that presentation.
  • A conference call with World Bank colleagues on broadening the ODRA method into a more general data economy readiness assessment, for a potential project in Uzbekistan in a month
  • Started mapping out my current information processes and tools, and mapping out my web presences and their roles, all kickstarted by the ideas and questions IndieWeb Camp raised in me, and the notions and learnings I picked up there last weekend.
  • Trying to get Quill running locally. Quill is a micropublishing client, and I want to test it to post to a local and my regular WordPress installation

This week was a regular one, ending with some travel.

  • Finished my editing on a report on the potential impact of open data in Serbia
  • Did third quarter bookkeeping
  • Wrote a report on improving open data provision for a province
  • Worked on our open data project for another province
  • Participated in IndieWebCamp Neuremberg with Frank Meeuwsen

A regular week, though less productive than needed.

  • Had a first long board meeting of Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter
  • Visited the Partos Innovation Festival as a jury member
  • Explored micropub’s protocol, and the Tiny Tiny RSS data structure, in prep for next week’s IndieWebCamp Neuremberg
  • Worked on our open data project for a province
  • Did some revisions for a report on the impact of open data

A week with diverse activities.

  • Worked on our open data program for a province
  • Visited the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation annual event as a jury member for their awards.
  • Got my own Mastodon instance up and running
  • Went to BredaPhoto festival with Elmine and the little one
  • Worked on a project proposal for a Belgian NGO with a few colleagues from my work in Moldova six years ago.

A filled week, with many new meetings.

  • Did a workshop for a nature and environment policy department, for 35 policy officers of a Dutch province to find potential cases where open data is a tool to reach policy goals in new ways
  • Spent a few days in Novi Sad, Serbia, at the plenary of the Assembly of European Regions, discussing open data as policy instrument
  • Met up with my UNDP Serbia colleagues to discuss my open data impact assessment
  • Judged eight entries for the innovation award of the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
  • Visited the Eindhoven Maker Faire, by joining a bus full of librarians and the awesome Frysklab team for a visit.
  • Helped a dear friend move house
  • Got approached to maybe join the board of an NGO