I plan to dedicate some learning time in the coming 12 weeks to better understand the protocols that drive the independent web, or IndieWeb. During our STM18 birthday unconference Frank Meeuwsen presented his experiences on the IndieWeb. Frank, Peter and I have formed an impromptu triade to explore the IndieWeb in the past months. In one of his slides Frank conveniently listed the relevant protocols. I’ll plan for 24 hours to explore 6 protocols. Some of them I already understand better than others, so I’ll start with the ones I feel less knowledgeable about.

The ones I want to explore in more detail, in planned order, are:

  • ActivityPub / OStatus, a decentralized networking protocol (as this ties into my Mastodon experiments as well, this comes first)
  • Micropub, publish on your own domain with 3rd party tools
  • Microsub, own your feed-subscriptions (although I already run my own TinyTinyRss instance)
  • Microformats, markup for data, text, people, events (already used on my blog, but curious to see how I can extend that to more types of data)
  • Indieauth, federated login protocol to sign in with your own domain on other services (already active on my blog, but interested in where else I could use it)
  • Webmentions, respond to a blogpost through your own site (already active on my site, but strongly wish to better format and style it on my site)

4 reactions on “Learning IndieWeb Protocols

  1. When we were in Sweden last month we learned of the Swedish tradition of the “study circle,” where groups of people with a common interest in learning about something come together as an ad hoc group, possibly with some public funding, to teach themselves.

    In this spirit, perhaps I will join you in your learnings, albeit virtually and more in parallel lines than in a circle 😉

  2. I am interested in this too, but still lagging behind – I don’t even publish my own blog at the moment! So I will probably join at some point and play catch-up with you!

  3. As Elmine was working outside the country, I had sole responsibility for Y, and consequently spent more time at home this week.

    Revised two chapters of a report on open data impact in Serbia
    Prepared a workshop for a province for next week
    Prepared for travel and speaking in Serbia next week
    Worked on an analysis for a Dutch province
    Did some administration for my company The Green Land
    Experimented with a Raspberry Pi for Mastodon
    Looked at the first few of the Indieweb protocols I want to explore (in time for the Indieweb camp in Nuremberg late October)
    Spent lots of time with Y


  4. It’s day 2 of the IndieWeb Camp in Nürnberg, which means it’s coding day. There are a few things on my list before I board a train at three thirty back home. None of them are as advanced or grand as the list I made earlier. I learned a lot yesterday, in terms of understanding what happens where when I use indieweb protocols, so I can now see the different layers of the lasagna more clearly.
    So for today the plan is:

    Remove a uid h-card microformat statement from my site template as it is declared multiple times instead of just once
    Try and fix the authorisation header issue with IndieAuth
    Work on how Webmentions are presented in this Sempress theme, which I now know is a theming issue, and not a webmention issue

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