Stuff that Matters Unconference 2018, Smart Home Edition

It is time to start planning for a new ‘Stuff That Matters’ unconference and bbq-party at Elmine’s and my home. Taking place in the new home we moved into this spring, in Amersfoort. Tentatively planned for summer 2018. Tentatively planned to be themed Smart Home.

Smart Home in a broad sense. As many things that make a home smarter are dumb technologies. And some ‘smart’ technologies make a home dumber.

We will look at the role of a house from multiple angles.

  • Home as a shelter
  • Home as a family space
  • Home as a productive unit (food, water, energy, products)
  • Home as a meeting space
  • Home as a working and learning space
  • Home as a node or connector in the neighbourhood, as active part of a city
  • Home as a platform for sensors whose data is used at home and across the community it is located in
  • Home as an actuator platform that actively responds to its own sensor data, and data signals from other sources
  • And above all the role of smart residents, in creating such a home.

We will aim to connect the event with other events and spaces in Amersfoort itself, and in the region. Some first contacts have been made to explore the possibilities. We will send out an early ‘mark your calenders’ message 6 months before the event.

Elmine and I have organized several unconferences as birthday parties. In 2008 on work / private life balance, in 2010 on ‘Working on Stuff that Matters’, in 2014 on ‘Making Stuff that Matters’. We are continuing the ‘Stuff that Matters’ series in 2018, with a new edition themed ‘Smart Homes’.

Stay tuned.