This is a worthwile question I asked exactly a year ago that bears repeating:

Can you help me find additional blogs to follow? I am looking to broaden the scope of blogs in my reader. That broadening has two main dimensions: language and geography. Right now, because they’re often easier to find, and more regularly linked to, my feed reader is heavily anglosphere centric.

Some specifications for the type of blogs I am looking for:

  • Individual or group authored blogs, not company or organisational blogs. A blog maintained by a research group is an acceptable ‘in-between’ version. The reason is I see blogging as distributed conversations. Companies don’t have conversations. As a result I follow people, not blogs, in my feedreader
  • Some thematic overlap with my interests is needed, something to have those distributed conversations around. Such interests are: making, open data/source/access/everything, agency, civic tech, ethics, digital transformation for all, climate adaptation, knowledge work, complexity, philosophy of science/tech, change, learning

The areas I am looking to extend my blog reading towards are:

  • Indian bloggers, or India based blogs in English
  • Chinese bloggers, or China based blogs in English
  • EU based bloggers, in Spanish, French, Italian or German languages. Or Spain, France, Italy, or Germany based bloggers in English
  • Middle-, South-American bloggers in Spanish/Portuguese or English
  • Bloggers based in SE-Asia
  • Bloggers based in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South-Africa

Any pointers, or pointers to list- or aggregator sites to explore are appreciated.

12 reactions on “Can you help me find additional non-English blogs to follow? Reprise

    • Very good suggestion Ladislav. Those that get added to my own feed reader will be visible in my blogroll (human readable and opml, importable into feed readers) linked in the right hand column. I have updated the list just now from my feed reader.

      Do you have a blogroll or subscription list like that on your blog? That might be interesting to check out for me.

      I’ll also try to add responses received here in the comments (if they don’t show up automagically as webmentions that is)

  1. @uncertainquark thank you Jatan, I’ll browse both your blogs. Do you also perhaps publish a blogroll of blogs that you follow? I find it’s a good way to traverse the ‘neighbourhood’ of a new blog I come across, and a great source of new finds. You’ll find my blogroll in the right hand column on my site.

  2. @ton I agree. There’s a minimal blogroll in the sidebar of both my blogs but I do intend to make a dedicated page with far more links of blogs I like to read.

    I saw your exhaustive blogroll, and I’m finding quite a few things of interest to me there. However, it would be nicer to have links to those blogs too so I can check them out before subscribing or previewing in an RSS reader or editing links, both manual actions.

  3. @uncertainquark the source of that blogroll is OPML and does contain the links to the blogs themselves, so if you rightclick view source when looking at the blogroll you will see them. I realise I don’t show it in the human readable version. That’s omission in the stylesheet that makes the opml file fit for human eyes. Will aim to fix that this weekend. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. @ton Most people don’t know how to do “View Source” on such a page. Even if they’re aware such a function exists, it may not be obvious to them they can use it, like in my case. But more importantly, even if I knew I could work my way around it, I really don’t want to do that because it takes a lot of manual effort that shouldn’t be needed. So yeah, will certainly appreciate a “Just click and browse” version.

  5. @uncertainquark you’re right, so I will adapt the human readable version. That said, right-click-view-source and right-click-inspect are secret super powers to use, as they show you how every site on the web works, for you to copy/replicate/adapt 😀

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