Can you help me find additional blogs to follow? I am looking to broaden the scope of blogs in my reader. That broadening has two main dimensions: language and geography.

Some specifications for the type of blogs I am looking for:

  • Individual or group authored blogs, not company or organisational blogs. A blog maintained by a research group is an acceptable ‘in-between’ version. The reason is I see blogging as distributed conversations. Companies don’t have conversations. As a result I follow people, not blogs, in my feedreader
  • Some thematic overlap with my interests is needed, something to have those distributed conversations around. Such interests are: making, open data/source/access/everything, agency, civic tech, ethics, digital transformation for all, climate adaptation, knowledge work, complexity, philosophy of science/tech, change, learning

The areas I am looking to extend my blog reading towards are:

  • Indian bloggers, India based blogs in English
  • Chinese bloggers, China based blogs in English
  • EU based bloggers, in Spanish, French, Italian or German languages. Or Spain, France, Italy, or Germany based bloggers in English
  • Middle-, South-American bloggers in Spanish/Portuguese or English
  • Bloggers based in SE-Asia
  • Bloggers based in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South-Africa

Any pointers, or pointers to list- or aggregator sites to explore are appreciated.

10 reactions on “Casting a Wider Blogging Net: Can You Help?

  1. @ton maybe consider Doc Searls. A pioneer in blogging. I met him back in the late 90s when he was involved with Linux journal and I was at this Linux startup. He wrote prolifically then. After that he became an advisor at a blogging startup I worked at. He’s been putting words next to each other for a long time.

    Take a read.

  2. I enjoy reading Roy Tang’s blog – he’s… some sort of coder/programmer? from the Philippines, blogging in English. He’s good at posting weeknotes, and talks about videogames, tech, and sometimes local/global issues/politics.

    And Jan-Lukas Else is a German tech student who blogs (mostly) in English:

    Just two that spring to mind.

    • Danke Horst! Ja, es geht mir vor allem darum die Einseitigkeit zu durchbrechen in meinem Feedreader. Eine Einseitigkeit die Angelsaksisch orientiert ist nur weil man solche Blogs am leichtesten findet, und am meisten verlinkt werden. Ich sehe du teilst deinen Blogroll, werd mir den auch anschauen.

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