Yesterday evening, or at least my evening, we had a fun meet-up with a dozen or so people to talk about reading. I say my evening, because we were literally spread around the globe, with people joining from North America where it was early afternoon, Europe in the evening, and New Zealand where it was already the morning of the next calendar day. We’ve named ourselves ‘the Readers Republic’.

Some of the conversation was about making notes (or not) about the things you read. For next month’s session I think I volunteered to show my current, messy if not downright dysfunctional, workflow for processing stuff I’ve read and make notes about. That gives me a few weeks to clear that up to myself, so I’ll take it as an opportunity.

For now, I’ve added a good range of new people to the list of people I follow on is a micro blogging service. I have an account there, to which I connected my RSS feed, meaning anything I blog ends up there. It’s been a good source of conversation in the past 2 years or so. Those conversations now morphed into a video call with some of those involved.

Last week Jean McDonald,’s community steward had a conversation with me about my blogging, our birthday unconferences, and more. My blog’s content is shared to my profile, where it finds a wider group of people, sometimes resulting in good conversations (which next to thinking out loud is a main purpose of this blog)

Our conversation is now online as the 72nd Micro Monday Podcast. I never listen to podcasts, but now have been featured in one.

I also embedded the player below so you can listen to it without visiting, but if you’re not familiar with, I do suggest to explore it a bit. It’s a service that is fully IndieWeb enabled, with Webmentions etc, making it extremely easy for someone to have their own space outside of the silos.

Pleased to see that my step last week to fix my RSS feed so it shows my words first, not what I’m reacting to, actually has the hoped for effect.

My feed goes to my account, and there my own words are shown now first too. A post in this new form yesterday created a nice conversation involving 4 others on That would not have happened had my post started and ended with “Read: some url”.

For a few months I used an additional category ‘microblog’ to share small status updates on this blog, next to having ‘front page’ blog posts and ‘Day to day’ timeline like postings. Those microblog postings were als shared to The separation felt a little contrived, as I mention in a comment discussing it.

So I decided to undo the separation between Day to Day and Micro. Already a few weeks ago I changed my to use the full RSS-feed of this blog, not just the feed for the micro category. Today I also went in to the database behind this WordPress blog, and moved all the 100+ postings in the microblog category to the day-to-day category. I first searched for the correct numbers of both the day-to-day and micro categories in the table wp_terms column term_id. Then I changed all the posts having the micro category to the day-to-day one.

The single mysql statement I used for this is
UPDATE `wp_term_relationships` SET `term_taxonomy_id`= numberfordaytoday WHERE `term_taxonomy_id`= numberformicro;

I bumped into a few postings that already had both categories. Through the phpmyadmin back-end I simply deleted the microblog category for those postings.

With this done, I then removed the reference to Micro in the main menu, and deleted the category in the WordPress dashboard. So now there’s just 2 types of postings on this blog, the ones presented on the front page which are more professional interest related, and the ones in the Day to Day timeline which are about more personal things, or small observations etc. Within the Day to Day postings I can choose to use a standard or status-update style posting type, which adequately reflects how I originally intended to use the microblog category. The RSS-feed contains all postings as before, it is just a distinction to influence the way content is presented to website visitors.