Yesterday evening, or at least my evening, we had a fun meet-up with a dozen or so people to talk about reading. I say my evening, because we were literally spread around the globe, with people joining from North America where it was early afternoon, Europe in the evening, and New Zealand where it was already the morning of the next calendar day. We’ve named ourselves ‘the Readers Republic’.

Some of the conversation was about making notes (or not) about the things you read. For next month’s session I think I volunteered to show my current, messy if not downright dysfunctional, workflow for processing stuff I’ve read and make notes about. That gives me a few weeks to clear that up to myself, so I’ll take it as an opportunity.

For now, I’ve added a good range of new people to the list of people I follow on is a micro blogging service. I have an account there, to which I connected my RSS feed, meaning anything I blog ends up there. It’s been a good source of conversation in the past 2 years or so. Those conversations now morphed into a video call with some of those involved.

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