Smart Homes

Smart Home in a broad sense. As many things that make a home smarter are social not technological in nature, or are dumb technologies. And some ‘smart’ technologies make a home dumber.

We will look at the role of a house from multiple angles.

  • Home as a shelter
  • Home as a family space
  • Home as a productive unit (food, water, energy, products)
  • Home as a meeting space
  • Home as a working and learning space
  • Home as a node or connector in the neighbourhood, as active part of a city
  • Home as a platform for sensors whose data is used at home and across the community it is located in
  • Home as an actuator platform that actively responds to its own sensor data, and data signals from other sources
  • And above all the role of smart residents, in creating such a home.

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  1. The title of the event is Smart Stuff That Matters 2018. How exactly we will approach that subject is not yet fixed (and your suggestions and ideas are welcome!). It is triggered by us moving to a different house in a different city last year, and the resulting exploration to find your new place and rhythms in a new environment.
    We will look at ‘smart’ from a combined social and technical perspective, in the context of (y)our home, (y)our neighborhood, (y)our city and how that is interconnected. Within each of those we can imagine different aspects (e.g. for the home) as potential topics of presenting, discussing and doing (we hope to have the mobile Frysklab as well).
    Have questions or suggestions? Do get in touch, or use the webform to share an idea.
    For now this is the rudimentary schedule for the event.
    Friday, the unconference
    09:00 Door open, coffee/tea
    10:00 Opening, welcome
    10:15 Introductions /start of program
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Start of afternoon program
    17:45 Closing remarks
    18:00 Drinks
    19:00 Chinese & Indonesian buffet dinner, drinks
    21:00 End
    Saturday, the BBQ
    11:00 Door open to continue work in groups
    15:00 Door open for the party
    15:30 Official first sausage on the bbq
    ends when the last person leaves.
    More info:STM18 Main pageSTM18 ProgramGetting to AmersfoortPlaces to stay


  2. August 31st Elmine and I host the 4th Birthday Unconference and BBQ-Party in our home in Amersfoort. The unconference is titled “Smart Stuff that Matters”.
    So what is Smart, and what Matters?
    A year ago we moved to Amersfoort. A different house, a different neighbourhood, a different city. The city where our daughter will grow up.
    A new environment means lots of exploration. What makes a house a home? How can you smartly adapt your house to your needs? Who lives in the neighbourhood, how do you settle in it? What makes a city your city? Which existing initiatives appeal to you, and in what ways can you contribute to them?
    Whether it’s a new habit, a new device in your home, your contacts and networks, or your approach: what are smart ways to act and contribute to your residence and environment so it supports you and the others in it? In the context of much wider developments and global issues, that is. Both social and technological, at home, in your neighbourhood, your city. It’s important to approach things in ways that create meaning, enable the important things, both for you and others. Smart Stuff That Matters therefore.
    Our house, in the middle of our street
    A full day long we’ll explore ‘smart’ in all its facets.Smart homes (and around the home), smart neighbourhoods, smart cities.
    Socially, how do we learn, communicate, organise and share? How do we act, how do we contribute? How do we find the power of collaborative agency.
    And also technologically, which technologies help us, which only pretend to do so, and are these technologies sufficiently ours?
    We will have the Frysklab Team joining us again with their mobile FabLab, and have plenty of space to experiment with technology that way. Such as sensors, internet of things and programming. Or to build non-digital hacks for around the home.
    Frysklab’s truck parked at our old home in Enschede during the previous unconference
    Together we’ll explore what smart means to you and us.
    Bring your small and big experiences and skills, but above all bring your curiosity, and let yourself be surprised with what the others bring.
    Do you have ideas about what you’d like to show, discuss, present or do?
    Have ideas about what you would like to hear from others about? Let us know! We’ll build the program together!
    You’ll find all relevant information about the unconference on this site. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook group for the event.


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