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The title of the event is Smart Stuff That Matters 2018. The theme is triggered by us moving to a different house in a different neighbourhood and a new city last year, and the resulting exploration to find your new place and rhythms in a new environment.

We will look at ‘smart’ from a combined social and technical perspective, in the context of (y)our home, (y)our neighborhood, (y)our city and how that is interconnected. Within each of those we can imagine different aspects (e.g. for the home) as potential topics of presenting, discussing and doing (we will have the mobile Frysklab as well).

In the morning we will explore the context and setting, and get to know each other better. Followed by building the unconference program in more detail. The afternoon will have plenty space for a variety of sessions in 30 minute slots and multiple sessions parallel when needed. The Frysklab mobile FabLab is available throughout the day as well.

Have questions or suggestions? Do get in touch, or use the webform to share an idea.

For now this is the rudimentary schedule for the event.

Friday, the unconference

09:00 Door open, coffee/tea

10:00-12:30 morning program

  • 10:00 Opening, welcome by Ton & Elmine
  • 10:20 Intro-round: your best and worst moving experiences
  • 11:00 Building the program together: which sessions will take place?
  • 11:30 round 1 (discussions, talks, creating)
  • 12:05 round 2 (discussions, talks, creating)

12:35 Lunch

13:35-17:45 afternoon program

  • 13:35 Brief recap, and re-start
  • 13:45 round 3 (discussions, talks, creating)
  • 14:20 round 4 (discussions, talks, creating)
  • 14:55 round 5 (discussions, talks, creating)
  • 15:25 break
  • 15:40 round 6 (discussions, talks, creating)
  • 16:15 round 7 (discussions, talks, creating)
  • 16:50 round 8 (discussions, talks, creating)

17:30 Closing remarks
17:45 Drinks
18:30 Chinese & Indonesian buffet dinner, drinks
21:00 End

Saturday, the BBQ

11:00 Door open to continue work from yesterday in groups for those who want
15:00 Door open for the party
15:30 Official first sausage on the bbq 😉

ends when the last person leaves.

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