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This is a growing list of currently confirmed participants for Elmine’s Birthday Unconference “Smart Stuff that Matters”:

  1. Gabriela Avram (Ireland)
  2. Ray O’Brien (Ireland)
  3. Marieke Wichern (Netherlands)
  4. Robert Slagter (Netherlands)
  5. Lilia Efimova (Netherlands)
  6. Frank Meeuwsen (Netherlands)
  7. Gerrit Eicker (Germany)
  8. Christina Wilhelm (Germany)
  9. Siert Wijnia (Netherlands)
  10. Yvette Veninga (Netherlands)
  11. Robin Heuten (Netherlands)
  12. Aldo de Moor (Netherlands)
  13. Wim Goris (Netherlands)
  14. Harmen Wijnia (Netherlands)
  15. Xavier Lopez (Spain, Germany)
  16. Simone Bleidt (Germany)
  17. Michiel Meijs (Netherlands)
  18. Johnnie Moore (United Kingdom)
  19. Vincent Geesink (Netherlands)
  20. Gerrit Kaper (Netherlands)
  21. Heinz Wittenbrink (Austria)
  22. Harold van Garderen (Netherlands)
  23. Paul Suijkerbuijk (Netherlands)
  24. Iskander Smit (Netherlands)
  25. Joachim Benjamins (Netherlands)
  26. Romy Joya Kuldip Singh (Netherlands)
  27. Madelon Kuiper (Netherlands)
  28. Pieter Parie (Netherlands)
  29. Hendrik Hantschel (Netherlands)
  30. Jochem van den Berg (Netherlands)
  31. Gerben Bruins (Netherlands)
  32. Alberto Cottica (Belgium, Italy)
  33. Niene Boeijen (Netherlands)
  34. Jeroen de Boer (Netherlands)
  35. Elja Daae (Netherlands)
  36. Willy Tadema (Netherlands)
  37. Herko te Paske (Netherlands)
  38. Martina Roell (Germany)
  39. Bas Froon (Netherlands)
  40. Erik Meerburg (Netherlands)
  41. Loulou van Ravensteijn (Netherlands)
  42. Peter Rukavina (Canada)
  43. Oliver Rukavina (Canada)
  44. Carla Verwijs (Netherlands)
  45. Pedro Custodio (Indonesia)
  46. Elmine Wijnia (host, Netherlands)
  47. Ton Zijlstra (host, Netherlands)

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#mstm14 crowd
Some of the participants in the 2014 event. Photo: Paolo Valdemarin, CC-BY-NC-SA

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