Over Christmas, and later this week for New Year we will have family, friends and neighbours coming over. Cooking, eating, drinking, conversing, laughing. I cooked from cook books Elmine gave me recently. The results included a 6 dish vegan dinner on the second Christmas day, a first for me. Earlier this month we had a lot of our new neighbours over for a ‘meet and greet’, and all of Elmine’s family for St. Nicholas (celebrated around Dec 5th in the Netherlands). It feels good to be able to open up our home and welcome everyone. This morning over breakfast tea with the two of us, Elmine remarked how inviting people helps turn this house, that we moved into 6 months ago, into a real home. Where memories are made, where time and food is shared, with people we care about. She’s right.

After the first wave of different groups of guests for Christmas, we are now cleaning and preparing for the next wave.

A house is but the shell for a home

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