The first week of the new year. It was still a week of vacationing, in which

  • E made kniepertjes, the traditional crunchie waffels from both her and my region of origin.
  • We visited the birthday party of a friend on New Years Day, whom we hadn’t seen in a long time.
  • Finished reading The Notebook by Roland Allen.
  • Did some of the invoicing for December
  • Went into town to buy a small present in the Mondriaan museum (in the house he was born), that fits the beautiful box that Lisa and Peter sent us.
  • While Y went for a sleepover at a friend’s, E and I went to Haarlem to meet up with our friends C and G from Germany. We chatted while walking to the beautiful old city center, we handed them our newly filled box, and had a lovely dinner together.
  • We drove to the south of Limburg on both the Belgian and German border for a few days in the hills.
  • We visited Maastricht, to go to the movies (Wish), and visit the Bonnefanten museum
  • We explored the Discovery Museum in Kerkrade

Tomorrow school starts, and we will resume our regular rhythm.

Self portrait in multicolor shades, at the museum in Kerkrade.

2 reactions on “Week Notes 01-24

  1. @adoran2 Different thing, no caramel filling, and way thinner and much more brittle. Stroopwafels come from Gouda (western part of NL), these things come from the eastern parts on the German border and are only made around NYE. Same gridded pattern though, from the waffle iron.

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