In my line of work I need to regularly type the word data. I need to equally regulary type the word date. Or datum in Dutch for date, which coincidentally is also the singular for data.

My fingers often choose the wrong ending while writing. A date ends up as data, and data ends up as date. For the phrase ‘open data’ I solved that by adding an Alfred snippet ‘.od’ which expands into it. This prevents me from ever writing open date.

Today I noticed that a template in Obsidian I had tweaked yesterday threw error messages. I looked at it several times before I noticed my mistake. Where I should have typed date, I had typed data.

I now added additional snippets to Alfred. .d will expand into data. /d will become date, and .D will be datum. (/D I use already and expands into Digital Transformation)

From this data forward I will not mistype date 😉

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