The final week of the year.
This week I

  • I made a multi course vegetarian dinner on Monday and Tuesday for Christmas which we celebrated at home with the three of us. On Monday I also made a breakfast of American pancakes with syrup, whipped cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries.
  • I gave E and Y a few Christmas presents. For E I have set up a project that will take all of 2024: explore the state of contemporary art in all EU countries. As a symbol of the project I gave her a large estate stamped print of Robert Capa’s 1949 photo of Matisse in his atelier in Nice, which I had nicely framed locally.
  • Finished importing Amazon bought e-books into my notes. Also scraped the paper books I bought since 2010 from the US, German and Dutch Amazon sites (reflecting when each of those stores became available to me), and turned them into notes using the same script.
  • With E and Y visited the local Kade museum for the last days of an exhibit of young artists from over 20 different African nations. Very enjoyable. We had lunch afterwards in town, and bought some presents for a friend for their birthday.
  • Spent a morning with E and Y going to the movies seeing Wonka. We saw the original version now that Y is capable enough to read the subtitles at speed. Fun movie, beautifully made.
  • Drove to Zeeland province Friday morning early, to meet up with dear friends in Zierikzee. After lunch we headed to Burgh-Haamstede and the beach at Westenschouwen where our friends were camping, and we had booked a hotel. We had a lovely fish and seafood dinner together. I had arranged for bicycles with the hotel, so we cycled to and from the restaurant, with Y sitting on the back. Very good to see them again. Early June we will visit them in Switzerland we agreed. On the way back we visited Hellevoetsluis, the old naval HQ, but it wasn’t very interesting.
  • Wrote and published my annual Tadaa! list
  • Did some final groceries for NYE and bought two additional controllers for our Nintendo Switch. We passed NYE playing games, a mix of Mariokart and sports on the Switch as well as the traditional Dutch NYE game of sjoelen, a kind of shuffleboard. Y easily kept awake until midnight, drinking ‘champagne’ and eating oliebollen.

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