This is a great little animation by Evelien Lohbeck, who recently graduated from the Arts Academy in Breda, Netherlands.

Caught my eye as I am working with a group of teachers at Rotterdam University where we look at how web2.0 and especially the design approaches of these tool (sharing, mashing, networks, people and social objects) can be used to co-create the learning experience with students, and make learning more authentic. This to create a more compelling and engaged learning environment.
This broadly means two things
1) Weaning students from their expectations that the teaching will be of the full frontal conveyor belt type, something that has been the way of it in their past 12 years of education. If you want to get students involved you have to guide them to getting involved in an environment they were taught involvement would cost you.
2) Learning as a teacher to change your own role, take a different approach, to accept your students as knowledgeable and not blank slates. To see knowledge as social construct more and less as an object to transfer. Next to learning to work with the new tools.
(hat tip to Rene van der Burgt for the video pointer)

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  1. That video is great! Whimsical, artistic, and funny, but also great to show how totally unrelated things can be put together in interesting ways…
    Thanks for sharing, Ton!

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