I have decided to create a new blog next to my Interdependent Thoughts, to write about Transient Technology, the Internet of Things, Mobile Applications, and Personal Production. In general these topics I think are fine to cover here in my regular blog. However, I am now also experimenting with electronics, internet aware objects and personal production in a FabLab. Any reports on those experiments, sharing designs etc., don’t fit well in my main blog I think. For that purpose I’ve created the side blog Interdependent Things.
The title I think speaks for itself, Interdependent Things
Because interdependent these things truly are. They connect to the internet or to each other, or the way these things get created is the result of different people contributing and building different parts. It is all about the digital world nestling on a more basic level in our physical world. The world of bits is becoming an embedded part of the world of atoms.
If you want, add the feed for Interdependent Things to your feedreader. For now I have reposted a few entries from the past two months, that have also appeared in this blog.