As of this week I offer a new service, a European social media consulting network: Consulting Network (CCCN).
It is a mailing list (currently available in English, German, Dutch and Danish), where subscribers can ask general questions about using social media in their work or organisation. All questions and answers will be available to all subscribers.

Currently the consultants involved in this network are:
Martin Roell
Oliver Gassner
Elmine Wijnia
Henriette Weber-Andersen
Ton Zijlstra

Between us we share a wealth in experience on the full spectrum of the development of social media, the implementation, embedding and use in organisations, as well as the impact on the routines of knowledge workers. We’ve been part of social media right from the start. Also through us you can tap a worldwide diverse network of professionals

By subscribing to the CCCN-mailinglist in the language of your choice you
– gain mail-access to the Consulting Network for questions and answers;
– gain insight from questions asked and answered by other members;
– can gain information from a diverse group of European consultants specialized in digital and social communication;
– are entitled to special consulting rates by CCCN-Members;
– profit from the global and diverse network of the consultants.

Information about pricing is available at the CCCN webpage.

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