We are at the end of week 13, meaning a quarter of the year is past. It doesn’t feel that long. This week was a week of coming down from three large events in two weeks.

This week I

  • Dealt with the unexpected departure of one of our team who decided to not extend their temporary contract after 1 April. We immediately announced a vacancy for a data analyst or scientist. I think we actually need to hire two data specialists, to have a kernel of an in-house data science team.
  • Started processing my notes from the three large events I had attended in the previous two weeks, but didn’t have time to look at yet.
  • Created most of the slides I needed for the webinar on personal knowledge management I participated in.
  • Spent a morning in Amsterdam in a studio doing the webinar. Later posted both the key final suggestions that we didn’t really have time for anymore in the session, and the full transcript of my talk (in Dutch). The video should be available some time next week or so.
  • Had the weekly client meetings.
  • Spent an afternoon at the office, partly for a share holder meeting with my business partners.
  • Decided I need to create some more templates, mostly those for projects. I had such templates in Evernote but after my switch to Obsidian four years ago I didn’t recreate them yet. My main work has been in continuous roles for clients the past years necessitating less project management.
  • Attended the final meeting of the ‘digital fitness month’ of which the PKM summit of last week was a part. Nicole van der Hoeven did her talk about observability in PKM one more time. I had missed that talk at the PKM Summit, so this was a good way to still do that.
  • Emjoyed a nice five course lunch at the small restaurant in the former railway station of Soestduinen with E. We hadn’t had much time together recently, so this was nice.
  • Did a few visual thinking exercises in my notes, using the rather amazing functionality of the Excalidraw plugin for Obsidian. Zsolt Viczián who makes that plugin had shown some of its capabilities at PKM Summit last week and I realised I needed to experiment with that. So I did and it was immediately helpful in exploring an issue.
  • Cooked a nice dinner for my visiting brothers in law. It was good to catch up.
  • Started watching the Three-Body problem series with E. I read the book and its sequel in 2015 (the third part of the trilogy was published in in 2016) translated from the original 2008 Chinese publication.

The interior of Stazione Pazzo in a rare bit of sping sunlight, where we had lunch Friday.

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