A week with few appointments but with plenty to do.

This week I

  • Monday was a bank holiday. I did a bit of gaming with Y, and in the afternoon took her to see the local FabLab which held an open day. The weather was nice, so we strolled along the old city walls in the city center as well.
  • Watched the Netflix series Three-Body Problem. It’s more grim than I remember the book was which I read in 2015.
  • Did a bit of concept mapping on how I start projects in my notes and folders. I had that automated in Evernote and AppleScript, but in my current system I as yet hadn’t done that. Until now that was of little consequence as I had two main ongoing activities. But lately some other smaller activities have come up, and I have been more actively doing my task management within my Obsidian notes. That makes it useful to revisit the way I start projects and generate templated material for it.
  • Called a local bicycle shop to book three rental bikes for visiting Canadian friends later this month. Turns out that renting out e-bikes was their default, and they only have a handful regular bikes still available as rentals.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Discussed participation in upcoming DEP funding calls from the EU.
  • Did the monthly invoicing with colleague F.
  • Collected the documentation needed to open an account with a second bank for my company. It requires heaps of documentation imo based on the most over the top reading of financial regulations put in place the past years to counter money laundrying. Seems like a wonder people are able to open bank accounts at all these days.
  • Held a job interview with a new candidate for our company, which was fun.
  • Facilitated a session of the interprovincial ethics committee, and did their planning for the coming few months.
  • Discussed a grant proposal with the Radboud University on the transparency of LLM’s, to turn their recent research into something that e.g. the public sector can use in their decision making.
  • Had a very pleasant lunch with E in town, while Y was off to a birthday party of a classmate. It was also the first day it was possible to sit outside in the sun, so we had our lunch there, enjoying the spring weather.
  • Visited Utrecht with E, as Y had a day long other party she attended on Sunday. We went to the Centraal Museum and strolled the streets enjoying the weather. Had a nice Italian lunch and browsed the Broese book shop. Before taking the train home and return in time for Y to be dropped off after her party.

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