This morning I went for my first booster shot. I was the first one through the door this morning and alone in my vaccination ‘street’. The person providing the vaccinations told me he was still waiting for a batch of shots, so while we waited we chatted. At some point our conversation turned to my work and hence data, and he asked about the role of data in or about patient participation. Turned out he was volunteering hours in the vaccination center, but otherwise was an advisor on improving quality of care for a group of 27 clinical hospitals. After the vaccination I had to wait ten minutes or so to ensure no adverse effects were emerging. We kept chatting, and I provided some examples and we talked about the new EU data regulations being created. In the end he invited me to connect later to provide a presentation on an event of those 27 hospitals in June, about the topics we discussed. We exchanged contqct details. A pleasant surprise to walk out of the vaccination center not just with a vaccination but also with a potential speaking engagement.

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