A pretty regular week, with lots of sunshine which was pleasant and energising.

This week I

  • Did some follow-up on last week’s sessions with the company’s team
  • Wrote an overview of EU regulation developments for a client’s oversight board
  • Prepared and facilitated a session on EU data regulation with the internal network of data professionals of the Ministry for the Interior
  • Took a walk with E to enjoy the sun
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Decided on two new hires for our team
  • Discussed the impact of EU data regulation w.r.t. to data on the topic of nitrate emissions/deposition, for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate
  • Had a board meeting with Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter
  • Was a guest in a podcast on digital fitness, in which I talked about personal knowledge management and agency over your own tools as a knowledge worker
  • Met up with J as he was in town for a conference. A pleasant and unplanned dinner in town, together with E and Y, having wide ranging conversations over nice food
  • Strolled around town in conversation with Doug Belshaw, about data, open badges, founding and operating co-ops, life after Brexit, art and more
  • Took Y to her weekly swimming lesson. She’s making good progress.
  • Spent Sunday afternoon with a large group of my old fraternity’s friends and their families. A yearly tradition twice interrupted by the pandemic and now restarted. It was good to see everyone again, and catch up.

Spring is here. The brightest shades of green of the year. (image Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA)

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