After solving the HTTPS issue I had, and reading once more the Micropub specifications, I succeeded in posting a blogpost to my WordPress site using the Micropub endpoint. This all as part of my quest to build my own Micropub Client.

Having established I could post correctly, I tried out different types of postings I think I will be making this way. Which turned up an oddity:

When the HTML I submit contains the label <svg>, or even <svg the endpoint returns a 403 error. Meaning it understands my request but isn’t allowed to execute it. This seems strange to me. I know that adding image files must be done seperately, but this is an SVG icon description in HTML with a path etc., not a separate file. On the IndieWeb chat channels it was pointed out this might be an issue with WP core, where attempts to sideload certain file types are filtered out, but as far as I can tell that is not what is happening here. Someone else on the IndieWeb chat could not reproduce the error. So perhaps it is something in the way I create my request.

I’ve posted it as an issue on the Micropub github page, including the script I use to create the request to the Micropub Endpoint.

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