This week the schools were closed as a pandemic measure. It meant that both E’s and my work time was cut in half, so we could take care of Y for the other half of the day. This made for a unexpectedly busy week. I had planned to use the week to finish some stuff, and had planned few meetings accordingly. Now those meetings were all I had time for. We’re of course not the only ones in this situation, it hit other families just as much, so there was plenty of understanding. The hours that would otherwise have been billable to clients are of course a hidden cost, but it’s been a good year economically already.

So this week I

  • Had a meeting with a financial advisor on how to start providing a pension savings scheme to our team
  • Played some more with federated bookshelves
  • Went for a walk with a client team, as our last weekly team meeting of the year
  • Had the other usual client meetings
  • Received the contract for what will be my core assingment next year (about 1000 hours in 2022). This amount of time makes it possible to create more rhythm in my work for them, and weekly practices to increase effectiveness
  • Had a conversation about bringing together re-users of meteo radar data
  • Did most of the December invoicing, only a few remain to be send out next week
  • Did the food shopping for Christmas
  • Celebrated Christmas Day with the three of us, with a vegetarian dinner (the 5yo had her own animal protein side dishes, as she definitely isn’t into vegetarian meals 🙂 )
  • Celebrated 2nd Christmas Day with E’s parents who are staying over
  • Received some bad news about a dear friend which makes me worried

Y’s been building a lot, in Lego, Playmobil and Duplo, the past week she was home unexpectedly from school. This is her latest apartment tower for various cuddly toy animals. The unicorn has the penthouse with a large balcony.