As a form of WAB* I’ve made it easier for myself to update my OPML book lists. I created those lists earlier this year as a proof of concept of publishing federated bookshelves. Updating OPML files residing on my hosted webserver is not a fun manual task. Ultimately I want to automate pushing lists from my personal working environment (notes in Obsidian) to my site. Given my limited coding skills I made a first easier step and created a webform in a php script that allows me to add a book to an opml list. It has a drop-down menu for the various OPML lists I keep (e.g. fiction2021, non-fiction2021, currently reading, anti-library), provides the right fields to add the right OPML data attributes, and then writes them to the correct list (each list is a separate file).

That now works well. Having a way to post to my book lists by submitting a form now, I can take the next step of generating such form submissions to replace manually filling out the form.

* Work Avoiding Behaviour, a continuation of the SAB, Study Avoiding Behaviour that I excelled in at university. WAB seems to fit very well with the current locked down last days until the end of year. The Dutch terms ‘studie/werk ontwijkend gedrag’ SOG/WOG lend themselves to the verb to ‘sog’ and to ‘wog’. Yesterday when Y asked E what she had been doing today, E said ‘I’ve been wogging’, and I realised I had been too.

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  1. @ton I believe someone suggested a book-related session at the next IndieWebCamp Online… Maybe we can get a few folks interested in this together to discuss?’s bookshelves have JSON Feed and I’m open to adapting to OPML and/or @tomcritchlow‘s Library format. Or maybe Library JSON can even be tweaked to be JSON Feed compatible?

  2. @manton That’s great news! I don’t always check indieweb-meta so I sometimes miss these kinds of things. Added myself to the list of interested parties and my availability. I’m hoping to deliberately make 2022 the Year of the Book for me.

  3. @ton thanks for mentioning this, I have signed up. I will work on having a demo of my application for the event, would be interested in seeing the PHP form you recently posted about.

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