The first week now that the summer vacation period is fully over. Y started in group 2 in primary school this week. The weather was increasingly nice throughout the week, so I spend a lot of time outside and in the garden.

This week I

  • Started the week with a braindump after the hiatus and back got myself back into work routines
  • Worked on a Dutch language wiki describing the coming EU legal changes w.r.t. data. The wiki is to be a public resource for a client and their network.
  • Made a ‘month map’ for September, for the first time in some months. It’s a helpful way of helping myself to start tasks more easily.
  • Prepared and participated / presented in a meeting of the Dutch tactical council for EU data policies.
  • Went out for lunch with E, wander around town a bit, and allow plenty time for conversation
  • Had a conversation with someone at the Ministry for Economic Affairs about the coming EU data laws.
  • Participated in a session in which a client brought together all the external consultants they work with to talk about how we experience working for them, what could improve, what to keep as is etc, also in light of the coming shift from working from home only to a more hybrid situation where the office can be used part-time as well.
  • Donned the summer party suit I was supposed to wear for H and R’s wedding. As Y was ill, she and I missed E’s brother’s wedding. But they both came to us in their wedding suits, and we made a little party at home with Y. It was fun and Y was very happy about it.
  • Donned my wading suit to clean the sheeting at the water’s edge on our downstairs terrace, and remove saplings that sprouted on our balcony’s wall which stands in the water course behind our house.