Drosophila, fruitflies, have little water content it seems. At least that is what I am led to conclude from today’s empirical data. As I opened the door of the microwave to warm some soup for lunch a fruitfly followed the soup bowl into the device. I closed the door and started the device for 3.5 minutes at 600 Watts. As I opened the door to retrieve my soup the fruitfly flew out as well and continued its life unchanged. Here ends my lab journal.

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  1. I think that the intensity of the microwaves is concentrated towards the center of the oven. If the fly was on a wall it would probably not get the full blast. But it will probably die of cancer 😉

    • It was moving around a lot, yes. You’re right the intensity isn’t evenly distributed across the oven space. Flies, they never sit still when you try to zap’em!

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