From April 2004 to February 2008 I kept a photo blog on this domain, but in a different folder from my main blog. In those years I wanted every ‘stream’ of content I created to be separate from each other. These days I prefer having everything in one place, at most separated by category. That old photo blog got lost at some point, the folder deleted on my server. Luckily the Internet Archive* has kept a copy of all of it. Thanks to that, I am now able to grab those old postings, and re-add them back into my blog archive. I’m adding those old postings to my ‘Flashes’ category, the current photo stream in this blog. Tonight I added the 2004 entries. Those images are interesting to me also because they have no copy in my Flickr photo archive, as I started using Flickr in April 2005.

My photo blog was called ‘Sensory Input’ and it seems I posted in bursts mostly. The banner looked like shown above. Those child’s eyes are mine, from this photo when I was about 2 years old. From my childhood I don’t much like most of the photos that exist of me, I hardly recognise myself in them. But this one I find striking, and instantly recognisable, because of those eyes.

Going through the images I posted back then, for nearly all of them I can understand why 2004-me posted them. And now they’re back. Even if the aesthetics of the old lay-out, the image and the caption next to it and nothing else, suits the images better than the current colorful two-column set-up.

the lay-out of Sensory Input 2004-2008

It also came with a calendar view of thumbnail images.

You can view the old images by going back in time in the ‘Flashes‘ category, but I also have added them to their own ‘Sensory Input’ category for easy retrieval. I’ll add the years 2005-2008 in the coming days ([UPDATE: completed May 9th]).

*I am supporting the Internet Archive with a monthly donation. If you care about such things, may I suggest you consider doing the same?

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