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  1. @https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2021/05/16302/ Very cool, thanks for mentioning it, I did not yet have Peter’s blog in my RSS reader I ended up ordering a Pilot Capless, will blog about my findings soon. Off-topic, but a bit troubling: I actually went to a pen shop in my home town, well-aware that I would be paying premium, but wanting to support local shop owners. It turned out that they charged 500EUR while La Couronne du Comte asks 215EUR. Yoink! I know many physical shops complain that they can’t compete with Amazon-like prices, but this is just bullshit: La Couronne is also a physical store, in Tilburg. I’m happy to pay 10-20% more but this is a bit too much…

    • I am blessed, here in Charlottetown, with an independent bookshop, The Bookmark, that has an owner who is a pen lover, and has worked very hard to cultivate a pen community and a stock of pens and inks to support it. The price difference between shopping locally and shopping online isn’t great, and I think there’s an awareness in the community that we need to fuel the shop to ensure its longevity.

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