16 years ago today I blogged about this new thing Jeremy Ruston had built and released, TiddlyWiki, a wiki that you could save as a single file. Using javascript and css within the file allowed for expanding the view on items, and added the wiki elements like WikiWords to build links. It was of interest because it was local first software and extremely easy to start using (even if you couldn’t yet save your Tiddlywiki easily then). Jeremy saw it as a tool for local first note taking, and as it was all contained in a single file it was easy to publish, or even send the whole thing as an email attachment. At the time I was using a wiki for notetaking, and so this tool was of interest to me.

I am glad that TiddlyWiki is still around all these years later. In the current attention for Digital Gardens, TiddlyWiki is mentioned and used frequently. A big thank you to Jeremy Ruston for bringing this tool into the world. He’s currently running Federatial which is “exploring a new wave of collaboration tools that eschew the old, crude hierarchical models of organization”. I read that as he is building tools that fit well with networked agency.