Welcome to TiddlyWiki , an experimental MicroContent WikiWikiWeb built by JeremyRuston. It’s written in HTML and JavaScript to run on any browser without needing any ServerSide logic. It allows anyone to create SelfContained hypertext documents that can be posted to any web server, or sent by email. If you like it, do please EmailMe and let me know. If you’re interested in future plans for TiddlyWiki, keep an eye on this site.

You might have come across it already, but I think this is a neat idea, even if it is still imperfect or in Jeremy Ruston’s own words there is a skeleton in the closet: you cannot easily save changes to the wiki. (save the source of the page to a new textfile every time you close the wiki, and throw away the previous one)

The idea is pretty cool though. Take a selfcontained html file stuffed with javascript and style-coding, where all the content is stored in pieces of microcontent that are switched on or off by the javascript when the user clicks a WikiWord. Jeremy sees it as a useful tool for notetaking e.g. on your laptop, and being able to push it to other media at a later time, your blog for instance.

I am currently testing Qumana a tool that hopes to offer a way of integrating all my browsing, both off and online and publishing (to multiple channels) into my workflow. TiddlyWiki appears to be taking a shot a this too, though in a different extremely leightweight way. Qumana, while pretty straightforward looks like it wants to be a more complete tool. TiddlyWiki at the moment is mostly a proof of concept than a useful tool, but it will be interesting to watch next steps.

3 reactions on “TiddlyWiki

  1. Yep, that’s an interesting toy!
    I had a look at it a few days ago, actually realized that yet another time someone realized what was still vapour in my head… probably I’m growing slow 😀

  2. Ok, now I’ve had a look at it.
    I would say this is a little piece of art.
    Very cool.
    I also like the approach of a micro-content wiki with more than one “page” visible together.

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