Liked Reflections Week Two: pace yourself by Stephen Downes (
The reason I'm posting this particular post in this particular newsletter is for the summary of Lawrie Phipps's contribution to a Dave Cormier webcast with a single quip: “Whatever you do digitally, it’s going to be more accessible to your students than not doing it.”

Stephen Downes formulates an important point, especially now that so many are working and learning from home.

It’s easy to think of online learning as substandard, or of your own contributions as not enough, but it’s false thinking. In my own work, I have always positioned my thinking from the perspective of the average person who cannot afford university tuitions, not the elite who can. The comparison isn’t between $50K education and online learning, it’s between online learning and nothing. Today, everybody is in that boat, but the basic logic doesn’t change.

It chimes with my perspective on agency, and how to push tech, tools and knowledge to those for whom the existing stuff has too high a threshold. Distributed digital transformation to build up networked agency.