My old registrar for this blog’s domain, originally DynDNS in 2002 then owned by Oracle as of 2016, is shut down per May 2020, and my account has now been handed off to I migrated to as of today without hassle or interruption. With Dyn I could not renew my .org domain until within 2 months of its expiration, which would have been next May. With the migration to I now had the opportunity to renew the registration for multiple years. This is of interest as the entire .org registry has been sold to an equity investor. Which means it is very likely the price of a .org domain registration will be jacked up, to satisfy the equity fund’s by definition hunger for ROI.

I extended my .org registration for 9 years, so I’m good until May 2029 at the old price point.

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  1. @ton glad to hear you were able to get ahead of any price rises. I’ve been following the situation with management of the .org domain, and it sounds shady as heck.

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