This was the final work week for me this year. I spent most of it working from home, even though it was a busy week finishing up all kinds of loose ends. It was a bit of a restless week, and although I had lots to write about I didn’t write much at all (I did dream of blogging lots of postings though). Things that happened this week:

  • Had the tires changed for winter, as we’ll be heading to the Alps twice this winter
  • Had a meeting to coordinate awareness raising on how to set indicators and do measurement effectively and ethically within a provincial organisation
  • Finalised a role description of an ‘open data coordinator’ and process design for regular expansion of open data publication
  • Hired a new employee, and did some onboarding things like ordering a laptop, and sharing some reading material for her start in January
  • Had a confcall on our European High Value Data research project, and wrote a section of the inception report for it
  • Did company admin and invoicing
  • Had a short board meeting of the Open State Foundation to discuss and agree the 2020 budget with the director
  • Sent out our company’s Christmas greetings and presents to our clients. We do Kiva gift cards for micro credits every year, as it’s a gift you can only accept by giving it away again. Just like open data only creates value if you share it freely first
  • Spent a lovely day at the Groninger Museum with E and Y, which also gave me some new ideas

I am not working the coming two weeks more or less. Though I have one thing to do still next week: clear my desk at home, which is currently inundated in unfiled letters and documents. And of course there’s the annual ‘Tadaa’ list to write before the year is out (the 10th edition already). But mostly we’ll be spending time with family and friends in the coming 14 days.

And I need to come up with a new ‘scheme’ for choosing pictures with these Week Notes postings. It was numbers this year. Maybe I’ll do shots from the 52 biggest cities in the world, or images of 52 latitudes or longitudes or something. In any case it will be something to use more openly licensed photos.

Image “51, slum wall near Dadar Station” by Meena Kadri, license CC BY ND