Concluded that I need to start tracking the tweaks I make to this site. To be able to see what might go wrong when wordpress, a plugin, or a theme changes. Not sure entirely how best to do that. I’d want it on my own domain, so for now maybe as part of the static pages here, like this. And mark the changes in the files I change (child theme, and ‘child’ plug-in)

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    • I’m not knowledgeable on how to use git(hub), checking code in and out etc (nor mercurial). Especially for the changes I am now making in plugins however it is becoming a prerequisite I think, so I should add it to my list of things to learn. Anything that has to do with the child theme is documented in the sense that it is in the child theme, and nothing else is. Except it lacks versioning obviously. Btw, how does your question compare to your posting earlier this week on pasting code in pages on your site?

      • Also, when I read up a bit on using git for wordpress sites, it advices to fully exclude themes and plugins. Which are the only parts where I create changes. That reads like it doesn’t serve my purpose then.

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