Last tended on 17 October, 2022 (first created 23 October, 2018)



A summary overview of changes I made to this site, to make it more fully a indieweb hub / my core online presence. The set-up of my WordPress installation also has been described.

Theme related tweaks

  • Created child theme of Sempress, to be able to change appearance and functions
  • Renamed comments to reactions (as they contain likes, reposts, mentions etc.)
    in the entry-footer template and the comments template
  • Removed h-card microformats, and put in a generic link to my about page for the author in the Sempress function sempress_posted_on. Without a link to the author mentions show up as anonymous elsewhere.
  • Removed the sharing buttons I used (although they were GDPR compliant using the Sharriff plugin, but they got in the way a lot I felt.
  • Added a few menu options for various aspects of my postings (books, check-ins, languages)
  • Introduced several categories to deal with different content streams: Dutch, German for non-English postings, Day to Day for things not on the home page, Plazes for check-ins, Books for ehh books, RSS-Only for unlisted postings, and Micromessage for tweets I send from the blog. This allows me to vary how I display these different types of things (or not)
  • Displaying last edited and created dates to (wiki)pages
  • Added a widget with projects I support
  • Added to the single post template a section that mentions and links the number of annotations for that post, where they exist.

Functionality related tweaks

Other tweaks

  • Set up 2 additional WordPress instances for testing purposes (Proto and Meso)

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