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  • July 15, 2020
    • De-escalation Functionality in Social Media Platforms Interesting de-escalation features by Nick Punt as suggestion for Twitter. However I think it is more likely that newer players / alternatives might adopt it. Something to incorporate into Mastodon: indicating you made a mistake, disamplification, forgiveness button.
  • July 15, 2019
    • The Slackification of the Home


      This article in the Atlantic talks about families using tools like Trello and Slack to keep track of each others activities and tasks. It calls it treating the home like the office or running the household like a business and presents it like an oddity if not a 21st century abberation of family life. E.g. […]
  • July 15, 2005
    • Going Off-line In the coming month I will be going cold-turkey from my on-line activities. No blogging, no messaging, no e-mailing even. Time for reading (of the book variety) and writing (using pen and paper!), taking a break from it all, and in between we’ll go away for a bit as well. In the mean time, if […]

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