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  • April 16, 2018
    • Neighbourhood Solar in Vathorst in Data


      At the edge of our neighbourhood, on a section of grassland, there are plans to create a solar farm. This is a temporary set-up as the land will eventually be used to build houses. Those living in the houses overlooking those fields started a petition as they fear it diminishes their view. There’s a whiff […]
    • On Attention


      “The medium was no longer the message, it was just an asshole. I want my attention back. Attention is a muscle. It must be exercised. We deserve our attention.” Craig Mod on attention in January 2017. In his case he got his attention back by disconnecting, which for all intents and purposes isn’t a viable […]
  • April 16, 2003
    • Are You Addicted to Blogging

      As a lot of us are preparing for a visit to the Blogtalk conference, some spending a lot of energy and time on academically sound research into the use of blogs, this simple test might be fun as well: Are you a blogaholic? [found via Cyberwriter] My score was 56 out of 100, which means […]

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