There are plenty of tools out there that my work flow depends upon or that I find valuable in some other way, that are free and open source software. People need to support open tools they value, if they want to keep them around. One way of getting more people to do that, is showing you do it. If something is seen as pretty standard behaviour it will get copied more easily. That is why I added a little widget on the right hand side, that shows some of the projects and initiatives I send money towards.

Not for me to be seen as special, but for you to see it as ordinary, and something to potentially also do. In the hope that those projects stay in existence.

I support the IndieWeb, the Internet Archive, CoderDojo Netherlands, Obsidian and Open Street Map, and a few others, with donations. It’s an affordable way for me to support things I can’t support with e.g. writing code or spending time. What do/can you do? Maybe you support things I might copy, and vice versa.

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