Today is national apple picking day. We had a tree full of apples this year. We ate a few apples during summer, but the drought, wasps and birds took most of them. So despite the many apples the tree carried early in the summer, the harvest in the end was smaller than last year.

The apples are very tasty though. Just the right mix of sweet and tangy. And Y was rather impressed one day sitting at the table in the garden, when she asked for an apple, and I simply reached above me and picked one.

I spent more time pruning the tree, then picking the few remaining unspoilt apples today.

Pruning the tree

The very limited remaining harvest

3 reactions on “Apples

  1. A more meaningful blog post for me, as I have recent experience sitting under that tree.

    As you were picking apples, Oliver and were having breakfast at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market with Rob Paterson. Whose name came up more than once under the shadow of the tree.

    • I already wondered if you would meet him, when I saw him post he was going to visit PEI. And, having visited it, I can picture you all at the Farmers’ Market much the same way you can picture the apple picking.

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