The past week this family of swans with five young pays us a daily visit at our water side terrace. The parent swans aren’t entirely comfortable with me sitting right at the water’s edge (behind a fence), and hiss some warnings at me. The water plants are however too enticing to ignore.

(photos by Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY-NC-SA)

Since the thawing of the ice two swans frequent the watercourse at the bottom of our garden to feed. When I went down there to enjoy a few rays of sun, these two tried to chase me away hissing at me. It’s my garden There’s a sturdy fence, so I bravely stood my ground knowing full well they couldn’t get to me. Quite unlike when one went after E when the fence wasn’t there yet. They withdrew when I hissed back at them and threw some water from my glass in their general direction. The Swan gang isn’t going to take over my turf! 😉

Such magnificent birds.

The ice on the watercourse next to our garden looks like it will hold us now. Time for Y’s first skating experiences later today.

I don’t walk down to our water side terrace enough. It really is nice in the morning light on a clear and crisp day like today.