E and Y baked an apple pie today. Friday we had harvested some 50 apples, half spotless enough to keep, the other half for pie and apple sauce.

Had a piece for dessert, after dinner outside underneath our apple tree. Here’s the pie, with the tree and the next batch of apples to harvest in the background. Strong coffee, the neighbour’s piano play through their open window in the background, to go with it.

pie & tree

Today is national apple picking day. We had a tree full of apples this year. We ate a few apples during summer, but the drought, wasps and birds took most of them. So despite the many apples the tree carried early in the summer, the harvest in the end was smaller than last year.

The apples are very tasty though. Just the right mix of sweet and tangy. And Y was rather impressed one day sitting at the table in the garden, when she asked for an apple, and I simply reached above me and picked one.

I spent more time pruning the tree, then picking the few remaining unspoilt apples today.

Pruning the tree

20180915_152947The very limited remaining harvest